Internet Explorer 9 probable layout (LEAKED PHOTO)

First we must say that this image is not officially provided by Microsoft. It just “escaped” on to the internet from Microsoft Russia. Officially, Microsoft hasn’t confirmed nor denied the accuracy of the image.

Ok, so … let’s say it’s real. Don’t you think that IE 9’s Chrome-ization is just too obvious? As Firefox 4 does, Internet Explorer 9 takes from Google Chrome the principle of making the useful space as bigger as possible. From the browser area, the toolbars are merged closely to provide as much space for the actual websites.

From this picture you can see that:

  • The address bar and search bar were merged into one
  • The tabs are also placed next to the address bar
  • Text menus on the right side bar were replaced by buttons: home, bookmarks and settings
  • The status bar simply disappeared (from the bottom of the window)

The first beta of Internet Explorer 9 is announced for September 15. Then we can test it and we can make a more honest opinion about what the new version of Microsoft’s browser will be.