Smart will present an electric scooter in Paris Motor Show

The new Smart scooter is set to form part of Smart’s upcoming Paris Motor Show spread, which will also feature a lightly facelifted version of the Fortwo – the company’s sole model prior to the arrival of the reborn Forfour, which is to be built in Renault’s Slovakian production plant from 2012.

The model is described as having a chance to production, but how this will materialize is still not very clear: if the Smart will use electric propulsion or will choose an internal combustion engine.

According to sources in the Smart brand, electric scooter is equipped with a lithium-ion battery. Its autonomy is about 100 km on a single charge and the scooter enjoys a special airbag to prevent injury.

There are rumors of an electric scooter for the Mini, but the model has been denied by officials of the British brand.

Mercedes will build electric vehicles for China

Mercedes has plenty experienced in the production of electric models, once they released the versions of Fortwo and A-Klasse, while BYD is China’s leader in developing lithium-ion batteries.

The alliance between the two manufacturers should bring on the market an competitive electric vehicle with great autonomy, in the next two years.

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