Will Nokia launch a tablet this year?

According to some component manufacturers, including even Foxconn, Nokia is preparing to launch a tablet with a screen of 7 or 9 inch. 

Rumors say that there were already finalized about 100 samplers to be tested. The Nokia tablet will be based on an ARM processor.  The operating system will be Windows 7 or MeeGo (based on Linux).

Other information referring to Nokia tablet does not exist at this time. We will see if the tablet will be launch later this year.

Image source: Go4it

Hot Rumors on iPhone

The iPhone was also released in China this week, though with not that much of a success. One of the blames brought by the critiques to Steve Job is his refusal to change to the WIFI standard of China.

Also the AT&T’s outlandish comments about iPhone data users in China could have affected the iPhone popularity! Rumor has it Del La Vega (AT&T’s Head of Consumer Services) suggested the Chinese to change there usage or else.Who knows what the future of iPhone brings us?