The EOS Mixtape clock

EOS Mixtape reminds us of walkman that used tapes about 10 years ago.

The EOS Mixtape clock is available in several colors at a price of $ 135.

The quadrant from the right side is the one that shows the hour and the disc from the left side spins constantly.

Image source: Go4it

The new AUDI A8 has Google Maps Navigation !

Nowadays people used to see perspective or 2-D maps on most cars’ navigation screens, but rumor say that the new Audi A8 has a few tricks up its sleeve upon the navigation system of Google Maps and Google Earth in 2011.
Also rumors has it the A8 will allow users to pull up satellite images, just as they would on Google’s Maps or Google Earth Web sites. This, along with the ability to showcase certain cities in a ghosted 3-D look, can allow drivers to visually identify their target destination.

The future A8 owners will have some benefits such as seeing as the data is Web-based, map upgrades can simply be downloaded in real-time, instead of springing for an expensive upgrade disc. Additionally, owners can select a destination on Google Map’s website, and send it to the car’s navigation system for later use.

Now, Audi’s only launching the system in Europe, but rumor say a similar system will ultimately appear in U.S.-spec cars. For the moment the map data is free, but another rumor has it that wireless data charges apply (in Euro-spec cars, owners are required to insert a SIM card into the dash).


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Is Apple going to release a new Kindle in March 2010?

Analyst Yair Reiner claims that Apple will ramp up production of the wonder-device in February 2010. He says that the Second Coming of the JesusTablet will be in March or April. Because Apple intends to offer 30/70 revenue split to book publishers, Reiner thinks it will kill Kindle. Right now, Amazon – who apparently has pissed off everyone in the book industry – offers 30/70 for exclusives and 50/50 the rest. Apple however will get 30% and give 70% for publishers for a non-exclusive distribution contract.

Analyst Yair Reiner says that Apple device will make “ebooks more relevant for education by simplifying functions such as scribbling marginalia.” Furthermore this new device will have the same screen technology of the iPhone but in a 10.1 – inch size, ironbarring the concept of a super-expensive OLED display.

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