Indian justice decided that Hindu gods cannot transact stock

Two judges of the High Court in Mumbai rejected a request from a religious investment company seeking to open accounts on behalf of five gods, including the famous Ganesh (or Ganesha).

“Trade in shares on the stock market requires some skills that we can not expect from some deity”, appreciated the judges DB Majumdar and Rajendra Sawant.

This investment fund, property of Sangli, the former royal family, in the State of Maharashtra (West), whose capital is Mumbai, put the subject to judicial review after they opened accounts on behalf of several deities.

But financial market regulatory authority (National Securities Depository Limited) dismissed the application, arguing that it would be difficult to take action against the gods in the event of irregularities.

“Gods and goddesses are taken to be worshiped in temples, but not for the use in commercial activities such as stock transactions,” the judges appreciated.

Ganesh, also known as Lord Ganpati, the protector of merchants, represented with an elephant head, is one of the most popular deities in the Hindu pantheon and worshiped in Mumbai and Maharashtra.

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