George Lopez and wife Ann filed for divorce

According to sources, the two were discussing for a while about their future split and now they decided to make it legal and divorce.

George and Ann married 17 years ago and are the proud parents of one 15 years old daughter. They also decoded to remain friends for the best interest of their child.

Moreover, a rep for the actor declared for two magazines that George Lopez, 49, and his wife Ann will divorce and that “the decision is amicable and by mutual agreement.”

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Jeff Dunham is the No.1 comedian

The man succeeded in earning over $22 million last year and according to Forbes he is the no.1 comedian.

Besides, Dunham earns all his money from tours, DVDs and puppets sales.

On second place of the Forbes top earning comedian comes Dane Cook with $21 million thanks to Isolated Incident Global Thermo Comedy Tour.

Following Cook on this top is America’s Got Talent winner Terry Fator aka “human jukebox” with $20 million.

Next to Fator are Chelsea Handler and George Lopez on no.4 and 5.

According to Geof Wills, “To stay on top in this economy, you’ve got to work a lot harder. The ones who get hurt are the comedians who don’t realize that they have to adapt the environment they’re currently in.”

George Lopez speaks out about his visits to Sandra Bullock

“She’s my fairy godmother. She knows how much I care about her. And, you know, when times are tough, friends step up.”

Lopez also said: “She’s a beautiful person, and when she needs friends, of course I’m going to be there.”

The two have been close since 2000, when Bullock discovered Lopez, who was then a stand-up comic. Two years later, she executive produced his hit television show, George Lopez.

“Sandra Bullock completely gave me life,” Lopez told People in a 2006 interview.

Being friend with Sandra what would Lopez has to say to Bullock’s husband, Jesse James, if he saw him on the street?

Nothing, he told E! “Oh, he’d kick my ass,” he said. “I can’t beat him up. That dude’s strong!”