Britney Spears trying to get back with Adnan Ghalib?

Ghalib is the one to blame for Spears’ infamous mental breakdowns. “She says she’s not living the life she wants and that she really wants to get back together with Adnan ,” said a source.

“Britney is just beyond caring [about being under conservatorship now], she hasn’t progressed that much and is far from being able to accept the responsibilities of being an adult,” a source told Fox News. “She’s in a different world, might as well be on Mars.

“She has people around her that do everything for her, decisions for every little thing are made by her ‘people.’ She’s totally lost touch with reality. “Britney can’t … interact with other people. I know people that have met her several times, but she still doesn’t remember who they are and acts like they’ve never met.

“Her family is also against any sort of ‘meet and greet’ after her shows [and] she isn’t really allowed to interact with anyone in the public.”

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Shania Twain divorced to get back with Frederic Thiebaud?

It seems that her divorced from Robert “Mutt” Lange was finalized in Switzerland. Nevertheless, the 44 year-old singer looked extremely happy at the Swiss Red Cross Ball on May 29.

She danced all night long with Frédéric Thiébaud (the other woman’s ex-husband), and according to some rumors, “she was radiantly happy”. 

“Her happiness certainly shone through. They are a great addition to each other’s lives ” says her friend Stéphane Lagonico, an ambassador for the Swiss Red Cross, who organized the ball.

Her next step in her life will be to shoot Why Not? With Shania Twain, her series on the Oprah Winfrey Network. There are also rumors saying that Shania might be the next American Idol judge.

Besides that, rumors say that she and Thiébaud might get back together: “Shania and Fred are a couple that fit together. Things are getting really serious with Fred.”