A smartphone application promises to find free parking

The application works with Google Maps and uses GPS tracking and tagging support. Users actions are, however, essential. Without them the application becomes useless.

Basically, the action arises as follows: the phone holder with Google’s Android operating system, having installed the Open Spot application, will check when he parkes and when he leaves a parking lot. Thus, other users, all owners and all Android phones using the Open Spot application will see when someone has parked on a specific place.

The signs are very simple. When the user has parked in a place, a red indicator appears. When departing from that place, the indicator becomes green. Each user can thus see free and busy parking spaces nearby. Obviously, it’s not everywhere, but only those covered by other users using this application.

From theory to practice is a long way and for this system to become truly useful, it will take time. Moreover, the idea is very good. If there were a universal system for all mobile devices, it could be really effective.

Like any application for Google Android, Open Spot can be downloaded from the Android Market.

Image source: Go4it

Vodafone presents its first phone with Google Android called Vodafone 845

It will be called Vodafone 845 and, if it will be sold with a special offer, as expected, it will probably get one of the most attractive sites Best Deal.

As what concerns the technical chapter it has a 2.8 inch touchscreen with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. It will have 3.2 MP camera and a 128MB RAM memory.


Image source: knowyourmobile.com

The first car with Google Android comes from China

Roewe 350 will become the first car in the world that will provide customers this operating system. The model will be on market in late April.

If you know the Roewe brand, this is because it is the brand that became Rover after SAIC bought the rights to use the technology of the brand in Britain.

According to the Chinese manufacturer, the model will use Google Android version 2.1, available on the cell phone recently launched, Nexus One.

This will give the opportunity for the driver to access the GPS through Google Maps and to use the web surfing capabilities of the system when the car is stopped.

It is very interesting that Google has chosen to enter with Android on a car that is not in the premium line of the Chinese market, the Roewe 350 following to cost between 70,000 and 130,000 yuani, meaning between 7600 and 14,000 euros.

Image source: Automarket

Intel and Nokia will develop their own operating system mobile devices

The main goal of this alliance is to develop a platform, MeeGo based on Linux and for mobile devices.

MeeGo will have a wide range of hardware platforms that it will be compatible: netbooks, tablet PCs, smart phones, type systems connected TV and in-vehicle infotainment.

It is estimated that the first devices that will use Meego will be created by Nokia and will be launched by the end of this year.

The announcement, made at this week, has a clear purpose: to complement and strengthen the agreement between Nokia and Intel, which provided a strategic partnership, established in June 2009.

Also, the new software platform will be a competitor in the fight for supremacy on the software platforms for mobile devices.

In this range we can find on the market competitors as Microsoft Windows Mobile, Google Android, iPhone OS, RIM BlackBerry OS, Symbian OS or bada (Samsung).

MeeGo will combine the best features of Maemo and Moblin in order to create an open platform for many processor architectures.

Also, the two companies announced that the software platform will provide a broad range of experiences of Internet, computing, multitasking, multimedia and communications with rich visual graphics.

The MeeGo software platform will be hosted by the Linux Foundation as a completely open source project, encouraging the community to participate in its development.

Intel and Nokia have made steps in terms of increasing the community by launching invitations to users on Maemo.org and Moblin.org to join common MeeGo.com community.

The channel selected for promotion Meego is the Ovi Store (Nokia) and the Nokia Forum will provide support for developers on all devices with the Nokia platform.