Google pays you to discover bugs in Chrome

Mozilla, for example, has already such a strategy for some time. Now came the turn of Google to pay the bugs “discoverers” in Google Chrome.

Google transformed this into a competition. Mozilla promised $3,000 to those who find bugs in Firefox. Google has raised the amount, promising to those who find critical problems in Chrome exactly 3133.7 U.S. dollars.

For hackers, the browser manufacturers are offering “Easy Money”. Bugs in web browsers are almost certain to exist.

Image source: Go4it

The new beta Google Chrome 5 brings more speed

In the new version synchronization includes several information among the homepage, themes, language chosen, individual configurations of sites visited.

Extensions can be installed also when you run in Incognito mode. You can also choose what extensions to run in incognito mode and what extensions to be disabled automatically when you enter this mode.

Among the improvements there is the drag & drop files and API for Geolocation function. The Geolocation function allows certain sites to find out, with your consent, your location.

Image source: Go4it