Google to launch Google Games

To prepare for this move, Google has invested in silence, almost 200 million dollars in Zynga, which already sits in an exclusive club together with companies valued over $1 billion.

New rumors about Google only confirm that it wants to dominate the social networks, especially if we take into account the forthcoming launch of Google Me, which is said to be a “Facebook-killer.”

On the other hand, MySpace, Facebook and Yahoo already host Zynga games. So, the question naturally is: what will Google provide in addition to those to be successful and how will it manage to win in front of its competitors? To be honest, it might be too late for Google to be part of this game, but we are just waiting.

Will Google Me compete Facebook?

Perhaps, the Google staff believed that is more cheaper to make your own social network that buy Facebook.

The so called social network would be called Google Me and follows the Facebook pattern. Rumors say that Google engineers realized that Buzz have no chance to compete Twitter or Facebook.

No one knows if Google’s future social network will be successful or not but rumors say that Google wasn’t lucky on the social networking field.

Image source: Go4it