Joe Perry, Aerosmith guitarist involved in a car accident

The 59-year-old rocker confirmed this information, explaining also that the accident occurred in the area of Taunton in Massachusetts.

Joe Perry was immediately transported by ambulance to Morton Hospital and Medical Center nearby. According to, Joe was released the same day.

The driver Linda O’Brien, aged 62 who hit Joe Perry was fined by police for not keeping the safe distance in traffic regulations.

All Aerosmith band members have suffered health problems over the past decade. Joe Perry, for example, has suffered from complications arising after knee surgery.

The band had to cancel its summer tour in 2009, after Steven Tyler fell on stage in the middle of a piece, fracturing his shoulder. Several other shows were canceled at the beginning of the tournament, because Steven Tyler injured his leg. His colleagues did not show any mercy, publicly attacking the behavior of the famous singer and accusing him that he began to take drugs again.

In May 2008, Steven Tyler was hospitalized in a clinic to treat his drug addiction, saying that he needed “a safe environment” to overcome that “pain more severe than previously thought” that you feel after a series of operations to the leg.

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Ronnie Wood assaulted by his girlfriend

Wood, who no longer drunk alcohol after discharged in January, argued with his girlfriend due to fact she found him consuming alcohol again last week.

Ana Araujo, aged 30, reacted violently, destroying two pictures of the guitarist and wounding his mouth.

“He began to call her names when Ann began to criticize and she broke it. Two of his paintings, which he intended to sell it are now destroyed after being ripped into pieces,” says the source.