Brad Pitt would consider the death penalty for those who have polluted the Gulf of Mexico

The actor made the comments in a documentary that will premiere in the U.S. on Tuesday evening.

Asked about the people responsible for the crisis, Brad Pitt said: “I was never for the death penalty before – I am willing to look at it again.”

Brad Pitt, aged 46, was the “spearhead” of the eco-humanitarian project “Make It Right”, which aimed to build 150 wooden houses, durable and affordable, in areas near New Orleans, most affected by Hurricane Katrina, which destroyed the city in 2005.

The “Inglourious Basterds” star efforts in this region have been caught on film in the documentary “If God is Willing and Da Creek Don’t Rise” by filmmaker Spike Lee and will premiere on the evening marking the fifth anniversary of the disaster.

The documentary should’ve been completed on an optimistic tone, with the New Orleans American Football team winning the Super Bowl. But after the explosion in April of the underwater drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico, Deepwater Horizon, which caused the deaths of 11 people and triggered the biggest environmental disaster in U.S. history, filmmaker Spike Lee decided to include this subject in his film.

“This would have been a much more upbeat documentary for sure,” he said yesterday. After the oil spill, the filmmaker said he had to “rethink and reconfigure.”

But despite the setbacks suffered in the region, Spike Lee said residents would bounce back.

“Their wills are not going to be broken. They are going to keep moving on,” he added.

Brad Pitt’s incendiary remarks were revealed as his partner Angelina Jolie was making a goodwill visit to Sarajevo, Bosnia.

Incendiary statements were made by Brad Pitt in a time when his life partner, actress Angelina Jolie was in a visit to Sarajevo, in Bosnia, as a goodwill ambassador for the High Commissioner for Refugees UN .

Angelina Jolie discussed with government officials in this country about the implementation of educational programs to help homeless refugees, after the civil war in the region, to return to their homes.

The superstar couple, who have six children, own a home in New Orleans.

Approximately 4.9 million barrels of oil have leaked into the Gulf waters 87 days after the explosion. According to US Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen, the operation to permanently seal the leak will not be completed until early next month.

Although the flow of oil was stopped on July 15, BP had originally hoped to complete the ‘bottom kill’ to pump cement into the well this month.