Paris Hilton’s purse alibi canceled by Twitter

Paris claimed that the purse, in which some drugs were found, was not hers, but it was borrowed from a friend.

On the other hand, according to some recent photos posted by Paris on her Twitter account, the famous purse was indeed hers.

The Clark County District Attorney’s office said: “She’s being charged with possession, so it doesn’t matter if it’s hers or someone else’s,” Las Vegas police spokesman Officer Jay Rivera told E! News.

“She’s the person in possession of it, so it doesn’t matter.”

Not to mention that in the opinion of the criminal defense attorney Alec Rose, Paris does not have strong version of the drug possession.

“In my 17 years of practicing criminal defense law, I have never heard of the ‘it’s not my handbag defense’ actually working,” he said. “If it is in the handbag you are using at the time, that is a pretty hard one to explain.”

Image source: Twitter