Vladimir Putin, on a Harley Davidson at Sevastopol’s motorcycle festival (VIDEO)

Putin, dressed in black, wearing sunglasses and gloves, arrived at the head of a column of riders and was received with applause by hundreds of participants at the festival, according to Itar-Tass.

His motorcycle, a Harley Davidson, was decorated with Russian and Ukrainian flags. Thousands gather every year at Sevastopol for a two-day festival of motorcyclists. This year’s edition, the 14th, celebrates 65 years since the victory over Nazi Germany and presents motorcycles during the Second World War. Last year’s edition was attended by 5,000 motorcyclists.

On Saturday Putin met with the Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, whom he thanked for the positive atmosphere of Russian-Ukrainian relations, and congratulated the crew before Navy’s Day, which will be celebrated on Sunday.

“Tomorrow, Russian and Ukrainian sailors will be together, as were our nations for many centuries,” said the Russian Prime Minister.

“Many thanks for this to Ukrainian leaders, primarily to President Viktor Yanukovych – for the decision on Russian Black Sea Fleet and the atmosphere that creates between our sister countries relations,” Putin added.


Image source: pr.org

Britney Spears photo shot for Candie’s ads 2010

The campaign’s name: “Britney Spears Through the Lens.” Deep.

“Annie, Mark and Terry are three of the biggest photographers in the world and I am honored to be working with them for my Candie’s ads,” Spears said in a statement.

“It was an amazing shoot, and I know my fans are going to love the cool images.” We’re sure they are too, as they eat, drink and breathe all things Britney.

The shooting took place at Paramount studios in Hollywood in late 2009 and used three different themes for each photographer featuring Spears.

Leibovitz’s photos feature Spears against an industrial backdrop, while Richardson photographed the superstar on a plain white set with colorful props.

Seliger created elaborate sets, such as a French burlesque-inspired pink dressing room and a field with a custom-designed pink Harley-Davidson bike.

“This is the most exciting shoot we have ever produced for Candie’s,” Dari Marder, the chief marketing officer of Iconix, said today.