Heidi Montag wants to remove her breast implants

She is desperate to go back to normal and remove her G size breast implants that she had in 2009. ‘I’m desperate to go back to normal,’ she confides to U.S. magazine Life & Style. ‘I’m downgrading and going a little smaller, to a D or a double D.’

The star wanted to go up to an H size but due to pain she wants to remove the implants. ‘I have major anxiety about it,’ she says. ‘ I was taking painkillers but they weren’t working so I stopped. It hurt.’

‘I’m obsessed with fitness but it’s impossible to work out with these boobs’ she says. ‘It’s heartbreaking. I can’t live an everyday life.’ ‘I feel trapped in my own body,’ Heidi says. ‘There’s just no fixing it. Dr. Ryan knows the work he did, he knows everything.’

Image source: Life & Style magazine

Is there really a split for Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt?

“I think it’s a joke,” Audrina Patridge told PEOPLE at the MTV Movie Awards in L.A. Sunday. “I don’t believe it. They’re inseparable and in love.”

Besides, Whitney Port also said: “I doubt they’re really broken up. I’m sure they’re still sticking together.”

It also seems that Montag and Pratt are hoping a sham split gives them more tube time.

One source said: “I don’t buy it. I’ve worked with them for too long, and they haven’t been filming, so I think this is a way they think they can get back on the show for the last few episodes.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Divorce Rumors

Moreover, it seems that Heidi Montag, 23, decided to leave the house she shares with Pratt, 26, and buys her own place. Rumors say that Heidi “is looking to move out due to all the fake bad press that Spencer controls.”

Montag recently wrote on her Twitter page: “PS: I am not Heidi Pratt, I am Heidi Montag.”