Justin Bieber was spotted kissing with Jasmine Villegas

Justin, 16, was photographed by paparazzi while kissing singer Jasmine Villegas in his Honda car.

Jasmine, also 16, stars in Bieber’s video and also is touring with him. The kissing photos were made in Venice, CA. this month.

Although rumors said the two were dating, both of them denied it, saying they were only ‘really cool friends’.

Now we will have to wait and see what his fans reacts taking into consideration that when Kim Kardashian said she got the hots for Justin, his fans did not had a positive reaction, Kim receiving multiple death threats.

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Image source: thehollywoodgossip.com; timessquaregossip.com

Honda’s large hybrid launch in 2013

Even if Honda’s early entry into the hybrid playing field, the company has never offered a parallel hybrid, which could allow the vehicle to propel itself solely with electricity.

Honda’s new hybrid system will be uses two electric motors and can propel itself on electricity alone.

Honda’s aim for the new hybrid system is to be able to mount it to larger cars such as the Odyssey and Pilot.

Nevertheless, Honda was going to use clean diesel technology to boost its fuel economy, an idea launched in 2008.

Honda still produces a 2.2-liter diesel for European consumption and is looking at developing an even smaller diesel for sale in some emerging markets as well as Europe.

Image source: just-auto.com

Auto producers made donations for Haiti victims

Big auto manufacturers unite forces to aid Haiti’s earthquake victims. Toyota, Honda, Chrysler or Hyundai donated depending on their financial status.

Honda’s American division donated $300.00 and contributed with equipment for making the situation easier. Meanwhile, Toyota has proven to be the most generous of all auto producers and donated $500.000 to Red Cross, Save the Children and Doctors without borders, organizations which helped Haitians affected by the quake.

Next to Toyota and Honda there were other auto brands that offer their help. Hyundai donated $100.00 to Red Cross International Committee, while Nissan donated for this cause $50.000 on behalf of their staff and other $30.000 on behalf of North-American divisions and also Canadian and promised another $100.000 when situation will stabilized and the reconstructions works will begin.

Another amazing gesture was made by Chrysler executive president who has bid his own car during last Golden Globe edition. The car, a Chrysler 300C, was signed by over 300 celebrities participating on the event and will be sold for a price of €1million in an auction. The money will follow to be given to American Red Cross.

General Motors donated $100.00 and also made available a mini-site where employees can donate any amount of money.

Finally, the list was ended by Eaton, which donated $100.000 to American Red Cross.


Image source: pages.drexel.edu

Ford Fusion Best-Selling car in America

“There is no reason for customers shopping for a midsize sedan to look beyond the Fusion,” said Fusion marketing manager Jonathan Richards.

“The lineup offers something for everyone — a hybrid model, a Sport version, and a new selection of gas-powered engines paired with six-speed transmissions.”Ford Motor Company announced today that it sold nearly 151,137 2010 Fusions thus far.

The new Fusion Hybrid accounts for nearly 20 percent of all Fusion sales, and interestingly, Ford says about 60 percent of Fusion Hybrid customers are coming out of foreign makes namely Toyota and Honda.With an EPA rating of 41/36mpg city or highway , the sedan manages to  the best comparable Hybrid by 8 mpg city on the freeway.