Halle Berry is the sexiest mom!

Halle Berry the sexiest mother

Halle Berry continues to be considered a sex symbol, even in those 44 years.

She was recently voted by the readers of Askmen.com as the sexiest mother, leaving behind other celebrities such as Gisele Bundchen, Jessica Alba and Monica Bellucci.

Monica Bellucci

Gisele Bundchen

Jessica Alba

Birth to her first child, Nahla, has left too many traces on her body. Halle Berry looks like 30 and still stirs fantasies of men around the world. One of her secrets is her fashion style that highlights her body.

Johnny Depp asked by Vanessa Paradis to quit the film he plays next to Angelina Jolie

According to the British press, Johnny Depp was cast in that role since June 2009, and Vanessa Paradi’s request, made only in the last days, therefore seems quite bizarre.

It appears that this request made by Vanessa Paradis is based on the passionate scenes between Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie included in the film script “The Tourist”.

Vanessa Paradis, aged 37 years, would “ordered” to Johnny Depp to seek a different role, after learning that his partner in “The Tourist” would be Angelina Jolie.

Depp and Jolie are already filming for several days together in Venice, but Vanessa Paradis continues to insist that her partner of the past 12 years to withdraw from this film project, according to an article published in The New York Post.

Scenario of the film contains a very passionate love scene between Depp and Jolie, the interpret of an Interpol agent who seduces a tourist.

Image source: bricksandstonesgossip.com

Is Audrina Patridge attractive or not?

As we can see from the pics and also from experience, Audrina Patridge, star of The Hills, is generally likable, mostly harmless which shows off her enormous boobs and even more disproportional forehead in April’s issue of the magazine.

Therefore, this isn’t a surprise for us because this is pretty much what she’s known for, wearing bikinis, posing in magazines and dating a lot of random dudes.

Consequently, we advise you see the photos and tell us whether she’s attractive or not. You be the judge. Take a closer look. Click to enlarge more pictures of Audrina Patridge and comment on what you think about her.

Image source: FHM

Jake Owen And Britney Spears Rumors

A few months ago, Jake Owen was seen in video in some hot dance moves at one of Britney’s shows. This made headlines, and blogs were talking about his love story with Britney Spears.

“She’s a great girl. It was interesting to meet her and be in that whole different world, ” said Jake to Clear 99, a Missouri Radio Station. Still, he says there’s nothing between them. He added: “I haven’t talked to her since.”

Also, Jake admits he is completely solo at the moment. “I’m enjoying that part of my life right now,” and then he continued: “I had a girlfriend for quite some time and we broke up, and that’s OK. Things happen for a reason. I’m enjoying my single life right now.”

Jake recently appeared in PEOPLE magazine’s Sexiest Men in Country issue, which thrilled his mother. “My mom’s always laughing at stuff like that. She gets to show her friends.”As a plus, Jake’s latest single, ‘Eight second Ride,’ is in the top 20 and climbing.

So girls, go get him!


Hot Rumors on iPhone

The iPhone was also released in China this week, though with not that much of a success. One of the blames brought by the critiques to Steve Job is his refusal to change to the WIFI standard of China.

Also the AT&T’s outlandish comments about iPhone data users in China could have affected the iPhone popularity! Rumor has it Del La Vega (AT&T’s Head of Consumer Services) suggested the Chinese to change there usage or else.Who knows what the future of iPhone brings us?