Google launch its Chrome OS tablet on Black Friday, Novemver 26, on Verizon

Gizmodo says this rumor adds up what they’d previously heard and know: “It’s been rumored that Google and HTC are partnering on tablet hardware since January, and clearly Google and Verizon have gotten awfully cozy of late. And launching a major new product on Black Friday—the busiest shopping day of the year—would generate a lot of attention and, more importantly, hands-on time if they end up selling them in brick and mortars,” says Brian Barrett, Gizmodo.

Download Squad says that the device could be based on NVidia’s Tegra 2 platform and sport a 1280×720 multitouch display, 2GB of RAM, minimum 32GB SSD, WiFi/Bluetooth/LTE connectivity, GPS, webcam, and possibly expandable storage via a multi-card reader.

HTC sues Apple

At that time people from HTC were glad to say they will fight back. And they did it now, two months later. The process’s reason is about the same. Justification of the action is “protecting their own intellectual property.”

Billionaires Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt are good friends at a coffee

Apparently they were having a nice cup of coffee along with a – most likely – interesting conversation.

Steve Jobs on the left and Eric Schmidt on the right

After all, Schmidt used to be on Apple’s board. But ever since he stepped down (and actually before he did), the growing animosity between the two formerly close companies has been apparent.

Gizmodo’s tipster saw them and snapped these shots, and noted that the cafe is owned and operated by former Google chef Charlie Ayers. Overheard from the conversation were two lines by Jobs. Enthusiastically, “They’re going to see it all eventually so who cares how they get it.” Which seemed to be about web content, said the tipster. And, “Let’s go discuss this somewhere more private,” after they noticed the crowd gathering around. Brian Lam from Gizmodo thinks that was probably a wise move. Schmidt was very quiet, listening, and Jobs was doing a lot of the talking. What do you make of the body language? And what’s that black thing on the table? No, it’s not an iPad. It’s a menu. Tipster says the first thing he looked for was an iPad, and that isn’t it.

Steve Jobs on the left and Eric Schmidt on the right

On August 3rd, 2009 Apple released this announcement:

Apple today announced that Dr. Eric Schmidt, chief executive officer of Google, is resigning from Apple’s Board of Directors, a position he has held since August 2006.

“Eric has been an excellent Board member for Apple, investing his valuable time, talent, passion and wisdom to help make Apple successful,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “Unfortunately, as Google enters more of Apple’s core businesses, with Android and now Chrome OS, Eric’s effectiveness as an Apple Board member will be significantly diminished, since he will have to recuse himself from even larger portions of our meetings due to potential conflicts of interest. Therefore, we have mutually decided that now is the right time for Eric to resign his position on Apple’s Board.”

Shortly afterward Google provided with the following statement from Schmidt:

I have very much enjoyed my time on the Apple Board. It’s a fantastic company. But as Apple explained today we’ve agreed it makes sense for me to step down now.

Steve Jobs car

Images: Gizmodo

Apple sued HTC

The Apple action into court is not officially directed against Google, but many analysts interpret it as an attack search leader on the Internet, which launched earlier this year Nexus One, a direct competitor of the iPhone.

Apple called HTC to court both at the International Trade Commission (ITC) in the United States and also at a Delaware court, seeking to prohibit HTC to sell, promote or distribute in the United States.

The complaint filed at the ITC it refers to phones HTC Hero, Dream and myTouch, but also at Google model , Nexus One. All these models use the Android operating system developed by Google for mobile phones.

“We are not part of the process. However, we support the Android operating system and the partners who have helped us develop it,” said a representative of Google.

HTC announced that it examines the allegations made by Apple.

“HTC offers great price to their patents and their appliance, but is determined to protect their own innovations in technology,” said Taiwanese company spokesman, Keith Nowak.

In a press release, HTC points out that in the first quarter, the financial results will not be affected by the process with Apple.