Cristiano Ronaldo’s son – first pictures

Ronaldo became a father with a surrogate mother whom he paid to remain anonymous.

If, by now, never knew how Cristiano Ronaldo’s son looked like, paparazzi have partially succeeded to photograph the baby, together with the player and his mother, Dolores Aveiro, her boyfriend, Jose Andrade, and a babysitter. They were all traveling between Algarve and Lisbon.

Ronaldo arrived in Algarve a few hours after his son was seen there. Unfortunately, the pictures failed to capture the baby’s face, which was covered with a toy.

Cristiano Ronaldo paid 12 million euros to the mother of his child to buy her silence

The player described it as “the most expensive day of my life”. Rumors say that she is like a “a party girl” that Cristiano did not want to live with. On the other hand, Portuguese media reported that player has used the services of an American surrogate mum.

The source said that the amount was transferred Monday: “He paid nearly a year’s wages but it’s more than worth it. He’s called it the most expensive day of his life, but at least he has sole custody.”

The baby was born on June 17 and is now in Portugal, with his grandmother, while Cristiano Ronaldo is in New York with his girlfriend, lingerie model Irina Shayk.

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