Adam Levine from Maroon 5 defends Jake Gyllenhaal of gay rumors

Adam declared: “Will everyone stop thinking that dude is gay? Seriously guys. How immature is it of the media to perceive this guy — it has to be because of ‘Brokeback [Mountain],’ right?”

The singer revealed that he knows Jake for a very long time, they are old friends and the whole situation that the actor is in currently is just stupid.

“I’ve known this dude forever. He’s one of my oldest friends, and it’s very weird that they have this — it’s very immature and infantile the way they treat his whole situation. If him hanging out with his bros means he’s gay, it’s like further perpetuating that weird homophobia that exists in our culture, which is just stupid.”

Adam Levine revealed also the name of Maroon 5’s new album which is ‘Hands All Over’. He needed to explain that even if some people think Maroon 5 isn’t a serious band, in fact they won awards that show the band’s real value.

“Sometimes I am hypersensitive to the fact that we’re not taken seriously,” he says. “But I don’t realize, ‘Well, wait a minute. We’ve won awards that are really prestigious and Grammys and all this stuff. What am I complaining about?'”

Reese Witherspoon spent her birthday with beau Jim Toth

The newly couple was smiling, holding hands and sporting baseball caps and sunglasses when they were spotted on Saturday at a farmer’s market in Ojai, which is in Ventura County, near Santa Barbara.

The actress, whose actual birthday is today, has been linked to Toth, 39, since early February. She and Jake Gyllenhaal quietly split in December.

The quiet weekend was in contrast to the Oscar winner’s 33rd birthday, when she was feted with a surprise birthday party at the Los Angeles premiere of Monsters vs. Aliens.

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Is Reese Witherspoon involved in a new relationship?

The two greeted each other with a hug and settle into a corner table. They “were very flirtatious throughout dinner,” said a fellow diner. “They were having a lot of fun, totally getting along and laughing and talking the whole dinner. Reese seemed very happy. She was smiling all dinner. The mood was upbeat and really good.”

Reese is the mother to Ava, 10, and Deacon, 6, and recently quietly split from actor Jake Gyllenhaal, 29, last December.
Rumors say the dinner they took lasted nearly two, and Toth picked up the tab.

“Reese reached around his neck and pulled him close for a hug. They kissed bye on the cheek — but it was a very friendly goodbye.”
While a source close to the actress maintains the night out was just business, on the other hand, a friend of Toth’s says the evening was “a date,” though “nothing serious”, due to fact that the handsome agent is known as a ladies’ man: “He’s enjoying the single life,” said his pal.

Moreover, a source said about the beautiful actress : “She’s doing things for her these days. She’s married to her kids right now, and they’re honestly her first love.”

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