Janine Lindemulder: I’m Being Replaced by Sandra Bullock

According to TMZ, she told the judge that she believes that Jessie James has a plan to have Sandra Bullock replace her as a parent.

Janine was being questioned about Jesse’s recent move to Texas – and his attempt to have 6-year-old Sunny live with him permanently in the Lonestar state … miles from where Sandra Bullock owns a home.

Janine Lindemulder argued that she doesn’t think Sunny to go – and stated, “I believe I’m being replaced by Sandra Bullock.”

Janine had expressed issues with Sunny’s relationship with Sandra in the past in a series of emails with Jesse’s sister … in which Janine wrote, “All Sunny ever talks about is Sandy, Sandy! Wtf?!”

She also sent Jesse an email – submitted by him as evidence in their custody trial – in which she says: “I believe you are a good man and with all that has happened you are now much wiser and if given the chance with your wife again, you would not screw it up.”

In other words, Jesse, go back to Sandra Bullock and leave me alone!

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Jesse James to cheat on Sandra Bullock again?

On the other hand, a source said that Jesse might not be that faithful to Sandra: “He told me that if he doesn’t get back together with Sandra, he’s got a backup plan with another girl in Austin,” says his p#!n star ex-wife, Janine Lindemulder.

The woman also said: “Every city, even if he didn’t have a girl that lived there, he would fly a girl in,” she says. “I think Jesse gets off on that, the thrill of doing it under her nose.”

“Imagine him saying he is moving to Austin to be a dad to 5-month-old Louis and to be there for Sandra, and uprooting Sunny,” Lindemulder declared.
“But it’s really because he might be pursuing mistresses. He could be off his rocker.”

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