Britney Spears’ manager, Adam Leber, infirm rumors of a Spears sisters double wedding

Due to Brit’s manager everything was clarified. Adam Leber said: “Whose got it all wrong this week? OK! Magazine does! Check out this week’s BS Report.” Britney and her ex-agent/current lover Jason Trawick started dating since summer 2009 and rumors swirled about a possible engagement.

The singer has two sons with former husband Kevin Federline, Sean Preston, 4, and Jayden James, 3. The two were married two years and split in 2006.

On the other hand, Jamie Lynn and Casey Aldrige have a daughter, Maddie, and now the couple is engaged.

Is Britney Spears ready to marry her boyfriend Jason Trawick ?

Britney Spears and her ex-agent, Jason, are a couple for an year already. According to a source from Brit’s group, quoted by Now, Britney is really happy and started wedding preparations. They both decided to organize a small ceremony and want to hide from the press’s eyes. She certainly wants to say I DO by the end of this year.

‘Britney’s on top of the world right now and has started wedding plans. They’ve decided to have a small, intimate ceremony – not a big media circus – but they’d like to say ‘I do’ by the end of the year.’

‘They’ve been dating since last summer and Jason’s nothing like her exes.’

They are a couple since last summer and Jason is different from all Brit’s previous lovers. The singer wants a new baby but she also considers how a new baby would affect her relation with her sons from previous marriage.

‘She’s aware that there’ll be a big age gap between her elder son Sean and her next baby, so she definitely wants it to be sooner rather than later.’

‘Brit’s dad Jamie and mum Lynne are fully supportive – since Britney was sectioned two years ago, they’ve been ultra-vigilant about her personal life but they’ve known Jason for years and trust him completely.’

We’ll see about that…

Britney Spears and Jason Trawick broke up…again!

According to recent rumors, Britney Spears and her boyfriend Jason Trawick broke up and since then the “ Circus “ singer is so unhappy. It seems that Jason was caught flirting with two girls in a bar in L.A. and now Britney refuses to answer his calls.
On the other hand, Jason’s friends say : “Jason’s a great guy and super loyal. This behavior is really out of character. But Los Angeles is a small town and word soon got back to Britney he’d had a wild one”.
Moreover, this is not the first time the couple splits. In August they split but for a short period of time and soon reconciled. In what concerns the actual split, everyone is assuming it’s over due to Britney and Jason’s massive row they had after the incident.