Jennifer Aniston talks about artificial insemination with Jay Leno

Jennifer plays the role of a single woman called Kassie who decides to use artificial insemination in order to get pregnant. The movie is called The Switch and will be release on 20 August.

The actress went on Jay Leno show, The Tonight Show, in which she talked about the plot of the movie and revealed that she wants a baby through the traditional way: “I’d wanna know the guy!” We all know Jay Leno’s comic spirit which embarrassed the actress by asking her how a sperm bank works. “Well, you go to the bank and you have a card… I honestly don’t know exactly,” she said.

Jen also promoted her new fragrance.

Jay Leno Show pending

Lately rumors say that Jay Leno might come back to The Tonight Show. It seems that Leno’s show from 10p.m. will pause from 1st February. After the Winter Olympic Games, Jay will move back to his old time slot at 11:35 and stick around for an hour, cutting into Conan O’Brien’s show or pushing him off the network entirely. On the other hand, if this doesn’t happen, Conan O’Brien might take David Letterman’s place on CBS.

Rumors say that NBC decision is due to the fact that there were numerous complains that the prime-time show hosted by Leno is loosing ratings and also advertising. Although, The Tonight Show comeback could mean reducing working time to half, the $30 million collected by Leno will remain untouchable.
Jay Leno hosted the show since 1992, and on May 29 2009 his place was taken by Conan O’Brien, which previously hosted The Late Night Show. Previously Leno, the show was airing about 56 years. Consequently, The Tonight Show is the most longevity American show which debuted in 1954, after Guiding Light 1937 and Hallmark Hall of Fame 1951.


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