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“When The Light Hits Me”
by Mo and Mary

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Johnny Knoxville and Naomi Nelson got secretly married

After a two years love story, he decided to it make official to his girlfriend Naomi Nelson.

It seems that the couple wanted to keep this event away from the media and no details about the wedding ceremony were given.

Johnny and Naomi engaged earlier this week and decided to wed as soon as possible. The engagement ring was a 2.50 carat Edwardian and was bought from L.A.’s Platt Boutique Jewelry.

According to a source’s statement, “Naomi was drawn to this ring because it is unlike anything she had seen–feminine, delicate and detailed”.

The newlyweds are also to proud parents of son Rocko Akira Clapp, which was born in December 2009.

The actor was previously married to Melanie Clapp from which he divorced in 2008 and has a daughter named Madison.

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