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Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson, can’t live with $26K per month

The woman claims she’s not able to live a decent life with a $26,000-a-month allowance. Therefore, she asks for more money.

According to TMZ researches, a file order by a judge showed that the “Counsel will give notice of proposed action re: adjustment to family allowance for the benefit of Katherine Jackson.”

Moreover, sources say that Misses Jackson currently has a $26,804 allowance a month.

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Katherine Jackson claims AEG breached health and safety duties

The singer seemed to have been extremely disoriented before he died because of AEG requests even if Michael shouldn’t be on stage.

Moreover, as reports say, AEG forced MJ into poor medical care from a person in their payroll.

According to the lawsuit, “AEG had legal duties to Michael Jackson to treat him safely and to not put him in harm’s way.

But AEG, despite knowledge of Michael Jackson’s physical condition, breached those duties by putting its desire for massive profits over [health and safety].”

The star had a busy schedule with 50 shows in the UK last summer.

“Due AEG’s actions and inactions, three loving children lost their father, a loving mother and father lost their son, siblings lost their brother, and the world lost its most celebrated entertainer.”

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Diana Ross’s niece claims she is Michael Jackson’s daughter

Mocienne Petit Jackson, who lives in Netherlands, submitted a file to Superior Court of Justice in Los Angeles requesting approval of a DNA test to establish paternity.

The woman claims that she was born in 1975, when Michael Jackson, then 17 years old, had left pregnant her mother, Barbara, Diana Ross’s sister.

Mocienne Petit Jackson accuses Katherine Jackson of trying to kidnap her when she was nine years old trying to defend the “reputation” of Michael.

Mocienne Petit Jackson claims she was diagnosed with vitiligo, the same skin disease that Michael Jackson suffered. She decided to initiate this action in order to formally request the rightfully part of her “father” legacy.

She also asked for the custody of three children of MJ, saying she wanted to give them “a normal life.”

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Michael Jackson’s son threatened with a gun by his cousin

According to rumors, Katherine Jackson’s lawyer, mother of the famous singer died last year, dismissed speculation appeared in a number of publications, that the young Jaafar, aged 13 years, son of singer Jermaine Jackson, tried to hurt with an electric shock gun on Blanket, son of Michael Jackson.

“Blanket Jackson has never seen and never heard the noise from that electric gun,” said attorney Adam Streisand. “No Paris Jackson either. Just Prince saw the electric gun when it was already in the hands of security officers. There wasn’t a second electric gun in the house”.

Lawyer Adam Streisand explained that Jaafar, who lives with his mother, Alejandra, in Encino, ordered from the internet that electric shock gun, two weeks ago, which he sealed himself in the bathroom , and tested it on a piece of paper.

“There weren’t other incidents. All the children are happy, healthy and wonderful, and this is the only thing that matters to Ms. Jackson, “explained lawyer Katherine Jackson.

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