Kelsey Grammer is rumored to have a new girlfriend

It seems the new girl he’s dating is a blonde British woman, Kate, and rumors say that she’s pregnant and that’s why their relationship is evolving so quickly. “There is speculation that she is pregnant, but he wants to finalize the divorce before making any announcement”, said a source.

Moreover, rumors say the actor left his wife after 13 years of marriage over the phone saying that they are done. “He told her it was over and he wanted to see other people, but still asked her to be at the Tonys. She stayed at the London Hotel, and in public they acted like a couple, but he wouldn’t let her in his apartment, or discuss reconciliation.

“Some friends say he changed after he moved to New York five months ago. “He started hanging out late with a new crowd after the show, and became more distanced from Camille. He was living the single life.”

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