Michael Jackson new movie

If “This Is It” brings together key moments during the last rehearsal before the King of Pop concerts, the new documentary will be made up of footage shot during a tour given by Michael and his brothers in 1981.

The man behind this business is Ron Newt, a close friend of Michael, which the megastar gave exclusive materials with rehearsals for the Triumph Tour, held almost 30 years ago.

After seeing the success of “This Is It” which grossed $ 144 million, Newt thought to release the recordings in a new film that will last 64 minutes.

Michael can be seen with his brothers, dancing, singing and offering guidance to directors in their connection with artistic moments introduced in his concerts.

Image source: hitfix.com

Fake or not? Picture of Michael Jackson’s autopsy

A British celebrity gossip tabloid editor says that the picture is worth $1 million.

The source of the image is supposed to be a high ranking police official who passed it to someone claiming a huge reward.

Although the picture might be real, we’re not that sure that such a thing really exists.

People are quite obsessed with the late King of Pop, more now than at any point in the last 10 years of his life.

That’s why such a piece of information – real or untrue – is of such interest to the public.