Lexus will present a hybrid bike in UK

Lexus will bring to the Great British Bike Ride a hybrid bike.

The exhibit that will be presented at this event is one of the only two existing in the world and has wheel drive.

The hybrid from Lexus is equipped with an electric motor of 240 watts, powered by a lithium-ion battery of 25.9 volts.

The Lexus hybrid bicycle has two operating modes: Eco and Power.

The electric engine only engages the front wheel, while leg strength is transposed to the rear wheels via a gear system which is based on rubber straps.

This bike has eight speeds, which are made by Shimano and are located inside the frame.

This bike is made of carbon fiber and has an extremely low mass.

Unfortunately for fans the bike from Lexus will not go into production soon, being just a technological study.

Lexus will present a hybrid bicycle with full wheel drive to an event in UK organized to highlight the benefits of cycling. Lexus is also the main sponsor of this event.

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Toyota will recall another 670.000 cars in U.S. and Canada

These recalls concerns the sold cars in several U.S. states with cooler climates and in Canada, because of the risk of corrosion caused by prolonged exposure to salt thrown on the roads in winter.

Therefore, Toyota will recall 600,000 cars sold in the United States and 270,000 in Canada.

The incident is the latest in an endless series of problems of Toyota, which hit the Japanese’s brand image.

Thursday, the car manufacturer Toyota has suspended worldwide sales of the new Lexus GX 460 to perform a series of safety tests after Consumer Reports magazine gave a rating of “Do not buy.” In recent months, Toyota has recalled about 9 million cars worldwide.

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Toyota has suspended sales for Lexus GX-460

The reason is that a consumer association asked customers not to buy the Lexus GX-460 because that car would be unstable.

Specifically, the organization says that there is a risk that the car rollover into dangerous curves.

Until now there weren’t reported incidents of this kind. Toyota has denied the hypothesis, but nevertheless decided to suspend the sales at this car for a test.


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Lexus Presents “ Dark Ride ”

In order to do this, Lexus had the wonderful idea of filming “Dark Ride.”

For now the piece isn’t entire ready, but rumors say that someone is trying to steal Toyota’s hybrid technology.

You, along with driver Tony — played by Boondock Saints star Norman Reedus — must keep the CT200h and its hybrid technology.

It seems that, you’ll call the shots that help keep the car out of the hands of the bad guys, while Tony uses the Lexus to avoid capture.

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Lexus IS 350C F-Sport produced in only 100 units

The new Lexus has a 19-inch forged aluminum wheels look like those used on the IS-F, and they’re wrapped in high-performance Michelin Pilot Sport rubber.

As a part of the F-Sport treatment is the upgrade made at the brake kit, as is a unique grille insert. Buyers can have their IS 350C in any color they like, so long as it’s either Obsidian Black or Tungsten Pearl.

Moreover, the IS 350C F-Sport models will also receive black leather seating with blue contrast stitching, heated and ventilated front seats, Bi-Xenon HID headlamps, and a hard-drive-based navigation system with the F-sport logo appears on the unique embroidered floor mats, leather-wrapped shift knob, and the various emblems that adorn the car’s exterior

Nevertheless, these cars are limited to only 100 examples and will arrive at dealers this month.

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General Motors and Ford desperate to save themselves from bankruptcy on the back of those from Toyota

The U.S. government is behind the campaigns that GM and Ford have recently launched, in which owners of Toyota models are tempted with significant bonuses if they change their car, according to Japanese media

The Americans exaggerate in general opinion, the U.S. television broadcasting repeatedly the testimony of a woman from Tennessee who went through a traumatic experience in 2006, when the Lexus copy she was driving accelerated suddenly and the woman was close to a fatal accident.

Toyota made a gesture that has tarnished its image, Toyota recalling in service, vehicles for inspection at the accelerator, this time involving additional costs.

The remedial procedure developed by Toyota engineers includes the installation of a steel plate in the throttle assembly, designed to create a space that reduces friction within the mechanism.

Given the imminent bankruptcy of GM and Ford in the general acceptance they would not have the necessary resources to recall in service, vehicle owners to prove or improve something as the Toyota staff did.

From other sources, all this advertising was made due to boundless despair for those from GM and Ford, speculating the idea, as that they have use unfair competition by distorting the truth in order to make negative advertising to those from Toyota, in this way, hoping for a rescue from bankruptcy.

The specialists say that many accidents occur due to human factor and that bugs can be found at all automakers, none of them not being directly responsible.

Some say that GM was not able to save any loan from which they benefited from U.S. government, provides the advantage that, according to Japanese media, the American legislature portrays the people from Toyota as “thugs and bastards”

According to statistics, in the U.S., Lexus and Toyota permanently win against Mercedes and BMW, and Toyota was also No. 1 in reliability.

Japan’s conservative governor, Shintaro Ishihara, believes that “If these problems would have arisen at Ford or GM, the whole story would have been different. The United States shown artfulness “.

Toyota stopped producing of eight car models

Eight Toyota models no longer can be bought from USA customers on unlimited period of time. The decision affects the same models put under a recall due to some pedal speed problems.

Toyota suspended officially the selling of the eight models in US. The measure was taken without precedent in auto industry history in U.S.

“Our customer’s safety and restoration of a high level of trust in Toyota are extremely important elements for our company. We’re making every effort we can to thank our client as soon as possible”, said Toyota vice president, Bob Carter.

The cars which were out of production are RA V4, Corolla, Matrix, Avalon and a part of engine version of models Camry, Highlander, Tundra and Sequoia. This decision doesn’t affects Scion and Lexus and also none of the versions of Prius, Tacoma, Sienna, Venza, Solara, Yaris, 4Runner, FJ Cruiser, Land Cruiser and Camry Hybrid, all these are available for sell.

One of the most important effects of this decision is closing the production in five Toyota factories from U.S. for five weeks, starting 1 February in order not to produce too many car models that won’t be sold.

Michelle Krebs, senior analyst from said: “This decision shows how serious is the safety problem. All started with some minor problem and ended with closing some factories for a long period of time, and I believe the Japanese entire credibility is under question this moment”.

There are also opinions that pro Toyota’s decision. “It was necessary a message from Toyota that they care about their clients more than of their profit. And the Japanese done it”, said Edmunds executive director, Jeremy Anwyl.

Toyota also announced that the recall started in U.S. might extend in Europe. Although, there isn’t information from Japanese, the Nip press rumored to be about two million units affected in Europe.

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Lexus at Homestead-Miami Speedway Event 2010

Lexus LFA is a 2-door exotic car with a powerful V-8 engine and 416 Hp which can get in 3.6 seconds to 0-60 mph. It is like a new flagship in the F Performance lineup.

On January 27, at the Homestead-Miami Speedway customers will have the chance to drive on the Lexus IS F, GS and F-Sport IS vehicles. Only several customers will be able to meet the professional driver Scott Pruett and to see the capabilities of a LFA super car.

Last year, on November 12, we had the opportunity to see in California’s Auto Club Speedway the gorgeous Lexus.

The role of this event is to attract a younger audience to the brand and enthusiasts of all ages. So, if you’re one of the randomly chosen attendees selected for a ride, Lexus hopes you will have fun and tell your friends about it..

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Scion’s new strategy in North America

Toyota’s Scion as a brand offer its product mostly in North America and occasionally overseas, due to which future models will be produce in U.S. and not Japan as we may think.
According to Toyota’s president, Yoshi Inaba, the Scion brand will develop only in the countries were it is sells. “We all recognize the importance of Scion,” he said. “It should be more locally developed.”

Moreover, the current models of Scion’s range are xB and xD which are sold in Japan and tC sold in North America, and the future model of this brand, called iQ, will be produced by the end of 2010 especially for European customers.
Inaba added: “We will figure out what we need,” he said. “The important thing is to try and appeal to a younger segment. The role of Scion is to grow them into Toyota or Lexus vehicles.”


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Cadillac Converj Going to Mass Production?

Rumor has it that the slinky hybrid-Caddy may be destined for production in a few years’ time.

The Detroit News says that the concept car which shared the power train and lithium-ion battery pack used in the upcoming Chevrolet Volt would be more than just inspiring for the extended-range electric Converj. 

General Motors wants to amortize the cost of expensive system with the shared underpinnings.

Bob Lutz, VC of GM, has said a premium offering with the same technology could allow a higher price tag, another option to offset the cost of the batteries.

Cadillac neither approved nor denied the rumors that the Converj is destined for production, but seeing the new eco-friendly compact offerings from Audi or Lexus, it doesn’t seem that far from truth. The late 2010 is expected to be the start of the production for Converj, as long as the news is correct.