Maybach launches a collection of luxury eyewear

Maybach prepared for its fans an impressive collection of luxury eyewear, which will be launched in late October. Like its automotive products, Maybach’s sunglasses collection will be produced entirely by hand.

These glasses will have the best materials on the market, and their lenses are Carl Zeiss provenance.

The new collection of accessories will have eight models of glasses in nine different colors and their frame will have ten forms and can be ordered in six shades.

Also, the glasses produced by Maybach will have several elements present also on its cars. Maybach logo has been engraved on the frame’s arms and are made of metal which resembles with that used for the door panels.

The level of exclusivity offered by the Germans doesn’t stop there. They will launch an “individual” collection which will allow customers to customize their glasses as they please.

Those interested may opt for more than 18 carats of gold, wood or carbon fiber. Also, Maybach offers the possibility of writing the owner’s name on frame’s arms.

Petra Ecclestone’s fashion firm is on hold

Even is she received a considerable help and investment from her billionaire father Bernie, Form Clothing will go out of business tomorrow after just two years.

According to rumors, Ecclestone, the Formula 1 boss, invested ‘a significant’ sum of money into the company and helped secure racing champion Jenson Button as the face of the line, but the company is understood to have run into financial difficulty.

Petra, 21, is untrained in fashion design but studied at the Art College in London. Here is what her friends say: ‘Petra put a lot of grit and determination into the label at first, but her interest dwindled and the company lost money,’ a source tells me.

‘Bernie told her she’s on her own. He’s not indulgent with his children and he once quibbled with Petra over a £100 fine.’

It seems it had not stocked Form clothing for six months. Petra had hoped to take the line to Japan and Germany but has put all plans on hold.

‘Form is not going to continue, I’ve stopped it for now to concentrate on charity,’ says the heiress, who is worth £2.3billion.

‘I’m going to concentrate on bespoke and made-to-measure and pause for a few months. I’m working with the Meningitis Trust for now.’