Madonna likes to go by subway

New Yorkers are accustomed to seeing all sorts of things in the subway, but yesterday something different happened. Madonna used a means of transport, according to

The 52 years old diva even likes to go by subway. Nevertheless, she was disguised as an ordinary woman.

Madonna dressed sports wearing a cap, leather jacket and sunglasses to be sure she will not be recognized.

The singer seemed to enjoy the lack of attention while city stroll with some friends.

Image source: TMZ

Victoria Beckham is one of the four nominees in the “Designer Brands” category of the British Fashion Awards alongside Burberry, Mulberry and Pringle

Victoria Beckham’s clothing line is one of the four nominees in the “Designer Brands” category of the British Fashion Awards alongside Burberry, Mulberry and Pringle.

Victoria launched her first clothing collection two years ago in New York, and the number of celebrities who have worn her creations while walking on the red carpet has increased over time.

Regarding the nominees announced in the “Designer of the Year” category for the British Fashion Awards are: Christopher Kane, Erdem and Phoebe Philo.

Winners will be announced at the British Fashion Awards Gala, which will take place on December 7.

Besides the awards offered in the traditional categories there will be awarded also two trophies for outstanding achievements in fashion.

Image source: Celebrity City

Is Madonna “retiring” for $1 billion?

This is serious money, but we’ll have to see if these rumors come to be true.

According to these rumors, the singer will sign a five-years contract and will have concerts regularly in the world capital of gambling. Moreover, such contracts have proven to be extremely profitable for artists like Celine Dion, Cher or Elton John.

Plus, such an agreement would place her 3rd among the richest women in showbiz. No worries, for even now she’s not doing bad, being in the fourth place, after Oprah Winfrey, JK Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter novels and Martha Stewart.

Many would say you have to be crazy not to be tempted by such a proposal, but we find hard to believe that Madonna would give up the world tours, especially now, when she wants to show the world that her age hasn’t stop her doing what she does for over 20 years!

And still, many other stars would “retire” for $1 billion.

Madonna sued for using the Material Girl Brand illegally

It seems that the company filed a lawsuit against the singer claiming she soled their trademark. The L.A. Triumph’s attorney said: ‘Our client and its predecessor have been continually selling similar clothes in similar retail outlets at similar price points under their Material Girl brand since at least 1997 and Madonna and her new-found company do not have the right to trade in the same space under this brand.’

Even so, Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes, 13, was the one that designed the Material Girl Brand, that Madonna is being sued now. The singer told People magazine how Lourdes inspired the clothing line: ‘I usually tell her to take off her three-inch or six-inch platforms and pull her skirt down just a little bit and take off some of the black eye makeup.

‘My role is really to make sure we were all going in the right direction … and it was a line that I could stand behind and be proud of and feel good about and one that she could also feel represented her. … ‘I really like the way Lola dresses, and I think this line is absolutely an extension of her taste.’

Actress Taylor Momsen, 17, was the image of Material Girl Brand launched several weeks ago by Madonna in the Macy’s stores. Until now, no comments were given by Madonna concerning this matter.

Lourdes, Madonna’s daughter, for the first time on a magazine cover

The photo of young Lourdes Ciconne, regarded by many as a copy of her famous mother, appeared on the cover of Quality magazine.

The photo presents Lourdes with a slightly surprised look and somehow miffed.

Although the magazine’s editors say this is the first cover which the eldest daughter of Madonna posed for, journalists at The Sun believes that there is no evidence that the teenagerdid really posed for this publication. In their view, if it were paid to do so, Lourdes could show a little more cheerful air.

In the early ’90s, Madonna met fitness trainer Carlos Leon, and from relationship was born in Lourdes. Madonna also has a biological son, Rocco, with director Guy Ritchie, and two other children adopted from Malawi – David and Mercy.

Madonna, the imagine of D&G house

Last week, she posed in Harlem, for a campaign to promote the collection autumn / winter 2010 by Dolce & Gabbana house.

Again, the Italian housekeeper position it fits her well and that concluded with one of her most successful pictorials.


She poses for D & G as housewife sexy while she cleans floors, washes dishes, cooks and eats spaghetti, dressed from head to toe in clothing prestigious designers.

Nevertheless, critics see no originality in this fashion collection, but rather the similarities with the previous. Madonna posed with the same jewels, the same crucifix and high heels.


Stefano Gabbana was extremely enthusiast and wrote on Twitter: “They started shooting the campaign for women …the photoshoot is working very well!! Very nice photo session … … Madonna … is always the BEST !!!!”.

Next to D & G image, Madonna made a partnership with the two designers who will create a sunglass model due to launch next month.

Image source: Dolce&Gabbana

Michael Jackson is part of the biggest contract in music history

Rumors say that his estate will earn $200 million guaranteed for 10 projects in the following seven years. The landmark contract extends through 2017 and could pay his estate much more.

According to other reports, it seems that one of the albums will be of never-before-released Jackson recordings that will come out in November and there is also unreleased material for 2 or 3 albums.

Rumors say that these projects may also include a video game, a DVD compilation of videos and a re-release of Off the Wall, Jackson’s fifth studio album, which debuted back in ’79.

After his death, Jackson sold 31 million albums, about two-thirds of them outside the U.S.

“During his life, Michael’s contracts set the standard for the industry,” said John Branca, the co-administrator of the Jackson estate, in a statement Tuesday.

“By all objective criteria, this agreement with Sony Music demonstrates the lasting power of Michael’s music by exceeding all previous industry benchmarks.”

The landmark contract is worth more than all other benchmarks, such as the deals Live Nation signed with Madonna at $120 million and Jay-Z for $150 million.

The most important thing is that the money will go a long way toward paying off Jackson’s considerable debts, and providing a future for his three children.

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Madonna and daughter Lourdes have their own clothing line

Macy’s, one of the largest chains in the United States, will spread starting August 2010, at more than 200 of its stores, but its official website, pants, shirts, school bags and other accessories of this collection entitled “Material Girl”, one of the singer nicknames in the ’80s. This is seen as “a collection of beginning of a new school year”.

” Material Girl “will be a dynamic and exclusive brand of Macy’s group,” said Jeff Gennette, marketing manager of this group.

The “Material Girl” collection, which is also the name of a track from the album “Like A Virgin” of Madonna, was designed and drawn by the famous American singer and her daughter, Lourdes, aged 13 years, in collaboration with a textile company, Iconix Brand Group.

The articles in this collection will have sale prices ranging from 12 to 40 dollars, considered extremely affordable prices compared with those from the specialized shops in children articles.

Madonna will be directing the second film in her career

According to Variety, actress Vera Farmiga, known for her role in “Up In The Air”, will perform the role of divorced American Wallis Simpson, girlfriend of King Edward VIII.

For now, the actor’s name which will perform the role of the British monarch is not known.

The previous film directed by Madonna was “Filth and Wisdom”, released on the big screen in 2008. For the feature film “WE”, Madonna will write the script in collaboration with Alex Keshishian, the director of the documentary about Madonna, called “Truth or Dare” (1991).

While Variety did not say whether Madonna will reserve a place also in front of the camera in the film “WE”, fans of American artists will be able to see as an actress, coming soon, in an episode of reality TV show “The Marriage Ref”, broadcast on NBC.

Described many times as “one of the best pop artist of all time”, also called “Queen of Pop, Madonna is also the best-selling singer of the twentieth century, according to the Recording Industry Association of America with over 200 million albums sold worldwide. In March last year, she was included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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Madonna and Guy Ritchie back together?

It seems that the former couple’s son, Rocco 9 years old, and David Banda, 4 years old, wants their parents to get back together and they also want a settled home life especially due to Madonna’s split from Jesus Luz.

“Both Guy and Madonna hated the way it all ended,” said a source close to the pair.

“They adore their children above all else and, now they’ve had time to cool off, they’re listening to what the kids have to say.”

Lourdes – Madge’s 13-year-old daughter by her former fitness trainer Carlos Leon — also wishes her mom to get back with Ritchie.

“The kids see their mom’s split from Jesus as an opportunity for their parents to reunite so they can all be one big happy family,” dished the insider.

“All divorced couples face this kind of dilemma and all kids want to reunite separated parents. But in this case it just might work”.

“Madonna really loves being a home-body when she gets the chance and Guy too places great store on having a close-knit family”.

“They’re both still smarting from their divorce wounds”.

“But Madonna, especially, regrets losing Guy. It’s possible she is ready to make compromises.”

Nevertheless, the singer and Guy divorced in October 2008 after 8-years of marriage.

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