Gabriela Spanic and her family were poisoned by her personal assistant

Gabriela Spanic accused her personal assistant of attempted murder.

Following the necessary investigations made after o period of time when the actress, her 2 years old son, her mother and also a housekeeper complained of dizziness, vomiting and abdominal pain, the paramedics concluded they were poisoned constantly wih ammonium sulpur, informs The Guardian.

The responsible for this is Marcia Celeste, Gabriela’s personal assistant claimed the actress that also denounced the police, when she noticed that she was the only one that doesn’t accused the symptoms and also reserved a trip after she found out that Gabriela went to medical tests.

Marcia Celeste Fernández Babio, 24, was arrested on August 19th after the police found in her room several bottles of ammonium sufur.