Al Gore, accused of sexual abuse – reopened case

Police made the announcement today regarding the allegation in 2006 but gave no other information about the case. Molly Hagerty, made the public accusations in National Enquirer, claiming that Al Gore sexually abused her in his hotel room.

The investigation comes less than a month after Al Gore and his wife, Tipper Gore announced their separation. Former Vice President Al Gore is separated from his wife after 40 years of marriage. They both wanted that relatives and friends to be first to know, so they sent an email to all, where they say they strongly analyzed the situation, before deciding.

Al and Tipper said they split in agreement and they will not make further comments on this topic. Former U.S. vice president has four children with his wife Tipper, as well as three grandchildren.

Aged 62, Al Gore was the right hand of President Bill Clinton for eight years. After finishing his term of office, Gore got the Nobel Peace Prize for his campaign against global warming.

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