New Mercedes CLS is the most beautiful Mercedes yet!

The new CLS embraces Mercedes new design philosophy. The result is impressive. Mercedes CLS looks more aggressive and inspires at the same time sportiness and elegance.

In front you can see some elements taken from the SLS AMG. Redesigned grille and bonnet with smoother lines, plus the new optical blocks gives to this new CLS an aggressive silhouette. The Germans haven’t forgotten the inside of this four-door Coupé. They installed a center console similar to those on the new E-Class and S-Class.

Another distinguishing feature comes in the form of the full LED headlamps, which are the world’s first to offer all of the regular dynamic light functions using LED technology.

This innovation boasts an impressive design – inside they are divided into three arrow-shaped layers from top to bottom: the upper layer contains an LED indicator, beneath which is a striking LED side light offering low beam functions.

The side light can also be seen when the dipped beam function is switched on, thereby creating a novel and separate night-time design and distinctive look. The lowest level of the headlamp houses the main beam and night-view functions.

A total of 71 LEDs not only provide an unmistakable appearance, but also a significantly enhanced view of the road compared with previous systems.

The interior of the CLS is also distinguished by a timeless design which combines straightforward elegance with innovative details and handcrafted perfection.

An eye-catching feature is the wrap-around effect of the cockpit: a high line sweeps from the driver’s door over the instrument panel support and across to the front passenger door.

The central display has also been integrated harmoniously into the upper part of the instrument panel. At the same time, the downward sweeping side line on the doors continues the dynamic dropping line of the exterior.

As a design trendsetter, the CLS sets new standards in interiors with its wide variety of individualization options. Five interior colors, five trim designs and also three qualities of leather are available to choose from.

As a result, each CLS is a one-off piece and can be configured individually between warm naturalness and cool modernity.

Mercedes released the first photos of the F800 Style concept

Mercedes published the first images of F800 Style concept, which the brand in Stuttgart will present in world premiere at Geneva Motor Show.

The concept is not simply a design study, but it will foreshadow the next generation of the CLS, one of the models that led the recent boom of so-called four-door coupe.

The German prototype stands out by certain stylistic elements borrowed directly from the F700 concept of the Mercedes stand at the previous Geneva Motor Show.

In addition, the new F800 Style comes with more surprising details for a study that anticipates a production model, such as sliding rear doors, a particular item developed until now only for utility models.

Obviously, these will not appear on the production model, as no any interior futuristic concept of German brand won’t be build.

In the case of F800 Style, there is a hybrid system on the concept presented by Mercedes S500 Hybrid in Frankfurt in 2009. It’s about a V6 engine coupled to an electric engine with 100 horsepower, which supplies the battery by electric power by mains.
According to first information available, the plug-in hybrid system can operate using only the electric engine power over a distance of 30 km.

The absolute novelty in this chapter is represented by the fact that the machine is configured to “host” the hybrid system shown above, or a hydrogen engine, without the German engineers having to change the internal architecture of the car.

Therefore, the F800 Style is powered by an electric unit powered on hydrogen cells.

Mercedes will offer more details about the new concept in the days before commencement of the Motor Show in Geneva.

Image source: Autointernationaal