Jerry Hall revealed interesting details about Mick Jagger

According to it, the Rolling Stones leader wanted to commit suicide because of property losses at cards.

The leader of the legendary rock band, Mick Jagger Britain is criticized by former wife, who said that he used to act like a “se#ual predator” and attempted suicide because of losses on Poker.

Regarding his poker addiction, Jagger’s former wife said that he lost once at a game a farm and a house, then tried to commit suicide.

According to Hall’s statement, the rocked broke all his bones and left a single mother to take care of the children.

Jerry Hall met Jagger in 1977, she married him in 1990 and had four children together – two girls and two boys.

But the marriage was annulled in 1999, after another woman made public the fact that the Rolling Stones frontman is father of her baby.

Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger will produce a series for HBO

The project dates from 2008 and, according to sources, it should have been produced by Jagged Films. At this project William Monahan should collaborated, the screenwriter for “The Departed” by Martin Scorsese.

But in the meantime Scorsese and Jagger made the documentary “Shine a Light”, which presented two concerts of Rolling Stones in 2006, in New York. The documentary features stars like theformer U.S. President Bill Clinton, Jack White and Christina Aguilera.

According to sources close to the new project, the screenwriter of “The Sopranos”, Terence Winter, has joined the team, while Scorsese will provide direction.Martin Scorsese is considered one of the most influential contemporary American filmmakers, is the author of now classic films like “Taxi Driver” (1976), “Raging Bull” (1980) and
“Goodfellas” (1990). Winner of prestigious awards in the 70-80 – Golden Globe, BAFTA, American Syndicate Movie Award, Scorsese was awarded the Oscar for directing until 2007 for the movie “The Departed”.

He is currently working with director Terence Winter on another project for HBO drama “Boardwalk Empire,” which will have the premiere on September 19. However, Scorsese is working on 3D movie “The Invention of Hugo Cabret”, starring, among others, Sacha Baron Cohen, Ben Kingsley and Jude Law.

Mick Jagger is a member of The Rolling Stones, along with Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood. They sold over 200 million albums worldwide over the past five decades and claimed thousands of concerts with the house closed.

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Rolling Stones, first position in the top of the UK music charts for the first time in 16 years

The album went on sale on May 17, “Exile on Main Street” is a remastered version of the famous album by Rolling Stones in 1972. The album contains 10 original songs, never released by the band before.

Considered to be one of the best albums in history, “Exile on Main Street”, was influenced by social and political instability in the late 60s and has an American influence from rock to blues, gospel and soul.

Rolling Stones, having Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood, has sold over 200 million albums worldwide over the past five decades and claimed thousands of concerts with the full house.

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Will Mick Jagger perform next to Johnny Depp in the new Pirates of The Caribbean movie?

It seems that Johnny Depp managed to get Keith Richards also on board as his on-screen father, and is now aiming for another Rolling Stone.

“Johnny is working closely with Disney on the next chapter of Pirates of the Caribbean and has put a lot of ideas forward,” reveals a movie insider.

“Some of the more fun ideas include getting Mick in with Keith as pirate elders. He thinks they would be perfect.”

Depp, also declared recently that he can’t wait to make more Pirates movies.

“I can’t wait to get back in costume,” he said last month. “Some people will say, ‘Aha, Depp sold out by doing the sequels.’ But it was never an issue for me. I love Captain Jack so much I’d do Pirates 7 if they asked me.

“Sometimes you fall in love with who you’re playing.”

Carla Bruni, a woman

This is how the French President Nicolas Sarkozy wife is described in the book “Queen Carla”, signed by Patrick Weber, according

In view of the Belgian writer, Carla Bruni (40 years) changes her character more often than shirts, a hinted at being a mannequin, singer and now wife of head of state.

“Carla is increasingly rejected by Italians and doesn’t seems to be accepted even by the French. The role of first-lady does not suit, notes the author.

Carla Bruni began her career as a model at the age of 19, being listed among the best models in the world. In 1997, Carl left the podium and dedicated to music. Her debut album – “Quelqu’un m’a dit” – was launched in 2002, being sold over one million copies.

Not infrequently, her loving relationship with the famous Eric Clapton, Donald Trump, Kevin Costner and Mick Jagger were a subject in the tabloids. She met Nicolas Sarkozy in November 2007, shortly after Sarkozy’s divorce of second wife, Cecilia. Carla and Nicolas have put wedding rings on February 2, 2008.