Kim Kardashian and Miles Austin split last week

According to a source close to them, the two “broke up about a week ago”. The reason for the split seems to be the hectic schedules of the two: “It was because of their lack of time spent together… it just wasn’t realistic that they could make it work,” said a friend.

The things look like this: Kim has recently been in Europe due to promoting her reality show while the sports man is busy with the NFL season underway. The couple might get back together one day but now they are definitely not a couple.

“I’m sure they’ll be on-and-off again but at the moment, they are 100 percent definitely off,” the source said.

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Kim Kardashian is dating Miles Austin

Recently she told E!News that she’s “definitely dating” Miles due to a misleading of the fact that they hasn’t been seen together in public.

But Kim gives an explication of this fact : He’s in the middle of his football season and he’s focused and I’m just trying to have fun and take everything really slow.” According to a source, Kim will visit her boyfriend next week when he’ll have a training camp in Dallas.

On the other hand, Kim revealed that she doesn’t hurry to start a family due to her career. “I don’t feel any pressure [to have children]. Now is the one time in my life I can be 100% selfish. I’m not married; I don’t have kids; I can focus on my career.”