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“When The Light Hits Me”
by Mo and Mary

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Miley Cyrus ends false rumors about marriage

She revealed that she’s not engaged as many people believed and she will not get marry.

“I wanna start off with no, I’m not engaged, or no, I’m not getting married anytime soon,” the singer, 17, said.

“So many people are like, ‘Miley, you know, needs commitment … so Miley should do this and this.’ Miley doesn’t need to do anything but sit and chill and enjoy life and make good music.”

She clearly explained that she’s interested in music, enjoying life because she’s so young.

“First of all, I’m 17 – ridiculous. And second of all, it’s like, I’ve just got so much work I wanna get done … there’s no way. No way.”

Moreover, she also denied broken up with Liam in the past and also denied in living in with him currently. The singer admitted still living with her parents.

“I’m not living with anybody — that’s, I think, a rumor that’s been going on since I got my very first boyfriend ever,” she said.

“I still live at home, still live with my mom, my dad, my family — no one’s here with us, just my family.”

Miley Cyrus harrased by paparazzi after dinner with Demi Lovato

When told that “Ok. You got it” (she was referring to their photos) they wouldn’t move out of her way, blinding her with their flashes.

She responded by turning her back to the cameras and covering her face, even though she was giving what they’ve expecting – something that would eventually turn up into a story.

In the end she managed to get into her car and leave the scene.

Bottom line, it’s obvious those journalists paparazzi were just trying to provoke her. Sadly, Liam Hemsworth wasn’t there to protect her.

Is Miley Cyrus dating Douglas Booth after she splits from Liam Hemsworth?

Other rumors say that Miley appeared next to Adam Sevani in a photo and this might have pissed Liam and decided to leave Miley, but all these are only rumors for now.

Moreover, according to a bartender in Waterford, Miley was spotted getting cozy with Douglas Booth this week just three days before the split from Liam was made official.

“It looked like Miley was very interested in [Douglas],” said the witness. “I thought they were boyfriend and girlfriend, they were flirting so much. She was really fawning all over him, acting really girly-girly. For his part, he seemed to be eating up the attention.”

The bartender added: “the flirting was very respectful… they didn’t [kiss]. They were among friends and other people in the restaurant – but she was falling all over him.”

Liam Hemsworth has already a new girlfriend

Moreover, is seems that the hunk was spotted next to blonde Katy, 26, at the Shorebreak Hotel, Calif. on August 7.

According to a source that saw what happened, “She and a girlfriend approached him at the bar”. “Girls were fawning over him all night, and he was clearly loving the attention, but he really took a liking to her.

“They were all throwing back beers and having a great time. “Later, he suggested that they all go back to the Doubletree hotel, where they were staying, to keep the party going.

“Miley’s name was never brought up. He certainly didn’t mention her.” Besides, the source tells that Liam exchanged numbers with Katy. “They definitely had a strong connection.”

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Miley Cyrus split from Liam Hemsworth

In June, Cyrus, 17, denied they had split, telling fans on her Web site that they were “so happy.”

“I’m not really a big lovey person. I’m not, like, mushy. [But] Liam was the first person that made me want to be in a real relationship,” she told People in April.

Liam Hemsworth, 20, called their relationship “pretty serious” and said he admired her “big heart” and how she was “just so open.”

True. She’s open now …

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Demi Moore is wearing a mouse in her hair

Actress, 47, had fun with the pet that sat on her during a photo session. The photo shoot for Harper’s Bazarre was filmed for a reality show of a stylist for celebrities.

But the mouse better beware of the beautiful actress as Demi said before that is a predatory “cat” when it comes to dating. She said she prefer to be regarded as a panther in her relationship with Ashton Kutcher.

Demi Moore currently films LOL: Laugh Out Loud with Miley Cyrus and Ashley Greene.

Miley Cyrus wants a Liberty Walk

It seems that he song urges people to “say goodbye to the people that tied you up”.

This song is like an inspiring anthem which tells listeners “all that really matters are the steps you take”.

After you listen the song tell us what you think about it.


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