U.S. troops could inhale drugs to withstand high!

Blood carries less oxygen at high altitudes, leading to a lack of oxygen in bodily tissue, called hypoxia. That, in turn, can cause nausea, confusion and fatigue — hardly the attributes the military’s after in battle-ready troops. By augmenting blood flow to tissues, the research team hopes to enhance oxygen delivery too.

That’s an adaptive process the human body is already capable of, but the necessary acclimatization can take weeks. Dr. Jonathan Stamler, who’s leading the research at Case Western, says the drugs will essentially do what we already can.

“We’re essentially mimicking nature here,” he tells Danger Room. “Take people climbing mountains, who will set up base camps at varying altitudes to give their bodies time to adjust. We’re making these mechanisms much, much more acute — a matter of minutes, rather than days.”

They haven’t told anything whether the drug is addictive nor about its side effects. Currently the substance is tested on animals. In three years, they want it to be used by the military.

The $4.7 million project is being developed by researchers at the Institute Case Western Reserve School of Medicine and financially supported by DARPA, the agency that is leading through concepts and amazing technological achievements: EATR (fully autonomous robots), Transformer (flying machine) and many more.

Chavez accuses U.S. that takes advantage of the situation in Haiti to occupy the island

“Why are they sending 3000 soldiers as if they would go to war?”, the socialist leader is asking, and always denounces the American “imperialism”.
“It seems they take advantage of the tragedy to hold military Haiti”, said Chavez.

The statements of the Brazilian leader are coming after Nicaraguan’s statements, Daniel Ortega, which also criticized, the sending of 10.000 American soldiers on Caribbean Sea island.

“What is happening now in Haiti is worrying me a lot, because it is being abused by a drama to send troops which already have taken control of the airport”, said Ortega.

Hugo Chavez announced he will send a ship with 225.000 barrels of fuel to Haiti, through the Dominican Republic.

“The Haitian people must know that we are sending the fuel they need”, said Chavez.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Nicolas Maduro, said that:” 5675 tones of food will be send by ALBA ship and other two Venezuelan ships, with destination Haiti”.

Maduro made these statements on Caracas airport, from where the third Venezuelan airplane loaded with 14 tones of humanitarian help left. Also, the Russian Government made available two cargo airplanes for Venezuela.

Image source: renovomedia.com; cnn.com