Mercedes to launch two hybrid models for 2011

The German manufacturer will launch in 2011 S400 Hybrid and ML450 Hybrid models. Characterized as a “mild hybrid” Mercedes S400 Hybrid will have the first lithium-ion battery designed specifically for automobiles.

The German sedan has a V6 unit with 275 horsepower that will be assisted by an electric motor capable of producing 20 horsepower. Thanks to the electric motor, the fuel consumption will drop by 30 percent.

Mercedes ML 450 Hybrid will have two electric motors that assist the same V6 275 horsepower. SUV fuel consumption will be 11.2 litres/100km (urban) and 9.8 litres/100km out of town.

Both hybrid models of Mercedes will use Atkinson cycle operation. By delaying the closing of each intake valve, the entire intake cycle is longer than the compression
cycle, thus increasing the thermal efficiency, which translates into lower consumption and reduced CO2 emissions.

Also, Mercedes S400 Hybrid and ML450 Hybrid will have start-stop technology. Thanks to this system, the vehicle will run at low speeds in electric mode and the energy produced under braking will be directed to the lithium-ion batteries.

Image source: Automarket