Vladimir Putin has no mobile phone and never responds to the phone

Vladimir Putin

During the meeting with employees Norilski Nickel, Putin stunned the audience by declaring that he has no mobile phone. “I do not own a phone, do not use something like this,” Putin said after someone asked him what brand of phone he has.

“If I had had a phone it would ring constantly. In addition, I never respond to the phone I have at home,” said Putin. Unlike Putin, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is passionate about next-generation technologies he became the first owner of the iPhone 4G in Russia.

Sharp is working on a 3D mobile phone

Those from Sharp announced that they will launch a smartphone that will not require 3D glasses.

Moreover, the gadget could take pictures, but also movies in three-dimensional.

3D phone attempts were already made before. Last year, specialists from Hitachi launched a prototype, a gadget like, but only in Japan.

Sharp says the new 3D mobile phone will be launched worldwide.

Check your eyes with your mobile phone

Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology found a simple solution available to anyone – Netra, a mobile accessory for visual acuity.

The device consists of a relatively large lens system which is mounted on the body of the phone display area. Through special software, like that used on appliances dioptron, it measures the refractive errors.

The test takes only two minutes and can be made by anyone – not requiring any medical knowledge.

Currently, two billion individuals have myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, or about one third of world population. As for the number of phones used today, the figures are even more spectacular: nearly 5 billion devices.

So here’s an accesory with an extremely high search potential. Everything is well promoted because the price will not be a problem.

Production costs are low, researchers say. We don’t know yet when will it reach the market.


Image source: Go4it

Injured woman by a car after using Google Maps

Disconnected from reality while she was attentive around the screen, the woman stepped into the street following the directions on the map.Arriving there, she continued on without wondering why cars come toward her.

The application has calculated the shortest route, but the application did not told that the street has no sidewalk.Therefore, after being run over by a car, the woman decided to sue Google Inc. and to seek damages of $ 100,000.

She will probably lose. The Maps application is still in beta version on the routes field for pedestrians, aspect pointed from the route planning.

Image source: CNN

Kaspersky Mobile Security 9: a antivirus for smart phones

It is about a antivirus for smartphones.

The new version comes with several new features intended to increase the security of the data stored on your mobile phone.

One of these is called the Privacy Protection and allows you to create a contact group whose information will be hidden from unauthorized eyes.

In the secure group can enter contacts from both phone memory and SIM card.

Another way to protect your data is the partial hide of the information regarding a particular contact.

This way, you can hide as, for example, the list of calls made to a contact.

The hidden data can be displayed again after entering a password.

These options of full or partial concealment of information can be activated in several ways.

You can do it either manually or by programming a specific date or time, or from another phone by sending a certain SMS.

This option it’s extremely useful in case of loss or theft of the terminal.

The Kaspersky Internet Security 9 brings some improvements to old features. Anti-Theft is such a function improved by the new version.

This allows, among others, localized by GPS a phone stolen.

Kaspersky Internet Security 9 is available for Symbian OS 9.1, 9.2, 9.4 and Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0 – 6.5.

A valid license costs $ 29.95 a year.

Image source: go4it