Miranda, Karolina and Jacquelyn in V Magazine Summer 2010

“If I’m wearing something that accentuates my curves, it definitely gives me a confidence boost. It helps to have sexy underwear on too.” – Miranda Kerr

Fashion editor Olivier Rizzo shows us this with creations signed by Prada, Celine and Valentino. V Magazine surprise the complete woman, photographed by Willy Vanderperre, called The Woman in Full.

Image source: V Magazine

Audi might implement transmission with eight speed steps on the whole range

Most of the Audi staff takes into account the implementation of eight-speed transmissions on all models. Automatic transmission with six gears will be replaced by units with eight steps, which provide additional agility and an additional fuel savings.

For now, those at Audi haven’t announced yet how much they will extent or they will remove or replace manual transmission units with eight steps.

Mercedes-Benz is the only manufacturer of cars that managed to equip almost all models in the range of seven-speed automatic transmission.

Customers who want to buy Audi A1 can take their mind off an eight-speed transmission, at least in the coming years because the Ingolstadt manufacturer announced that A3 is the smallest model in the range which will receive a new gearbox with eight steps.

The smallest engine in the Audi range that will be coupled with an eight-speed automatic transmissions is the TFSI unit with 2.0-liter which equip the A3.

Performance figures of these models have not yet been announced, but we can expect that models with an eight-speed automatic transmission to achieve a significant fuel economy.

The new eight-speed automatic transmissions will use, most likely the DSG technology.

Most of the Audi staff should focus on reducing the size and weight of these transmissions, which will equip as well model as A8 and Q7 models, but also smaller models such as A3 and A4.

A seven-speed DSG transmission has a mass of about 77 kilograms, while the first generation DSG – the six gears – has a mass of 93 kilograms.

Desk high 100 DSG transmission is caused by the fact that the clutch is wet and fluids used increase considerable the weight.

An equivalent transmission with converter weighs is about 85 kilograms, while a manual gearbox with five or six-speed has a mass of around 40 kilograms.

Image source: Insideline

Toyota could redesign the power button of engine of its models

Toyota could change how the button works, which starts and stops the models’ engine which are equipped with this feature.

At present, the power and stop button of engine from Toyota cars starts the engine at first touch and stops at a continuing push of three seconds.

It seems that this mode is not intuitive enough so that the Japanese want to change the functioning of the button in order to allow the engine to stop engine in running if an emergency occurs.

Those from Toyota will make the start and stop button to stop the engine if that button is touched three times in a row.

According to security experts, allowing the driver to stop the engine while walking through consecutive press of the power button could avoid accidents caused by blocking the accelerator pedal.

The changes will be made on new vehicles, not on those cars already produced by Toyota. Thus, Toyota will not work on a recall to modify the power button of cars.

Keyless start systems are a potential factor for sudden unintended acceleration, say safety experts.

The most worrying thing for safety experts is that the number of vehicles equipped with keyless start system tripled in the last five years, there are currently 155 models sold in the United States of America which are equipped with this system.

Image source: latimes.com

Russians created a design hypothesis of future Volga

The model is created by the brothers Bukin, two Russian designers who worked on other models GAS.

For now, this is just a proposal to design a future model GAZ, the Russian had no immediate intention to develop a production version of this concept, codenamed GL 5000.

For added resonance in the public mind, the two designers have used the name Volga.

In the version designed by the two brothers, GAS 5000 GL is equipped with a 3.2-liter engine that develops 296 hp, coupled to a six-speed manual transmission.

The motor engages all four wheels via a wheel drive system. Besides promising performance that announces this model, practical issues have not been forgotten, GAS GL 5000 has a five-door configuration, which allows opening of the fifth door a hatcback, and also in conventional mode as sedan.

This configuration is already on the Skoda Superb and BMW 5 Series GT.

It seems that there is an opportunity to get this model sometime in production, but the version which will be available on the market will not have too many elements in common with the model of the two images.

Most likely, Russia will abandon the all-wheel drive system and the modern design in favor of a classical approach and cheap, or will adapt as much as possible items made by the two designers, necessary to the production model and strict safety regulations and environment that need to comply as any car launched in the European Union.

Audi, the first manufacturer that participates at a toys fair

While everyone is preparing for Geneva, Audi prepares the last details for his presence in the largest International Exhibition of toys.

Ingolstadt manufacturer prepared for this purpose a wide range of toys, models, cars for the opening event, which takes place in March.

The Audi’s Quattro Division will take care of the main attraction of the booth, a 1:2 scale model of the legendary Auto Union Silver Arrow Type C. Along with there can be found Audi car toy, personalized teddy bears and of course reply by car that made history.

The Germans Initiative is a premiere, Audi thus becoming the first car manufacturer to participate in the edition with number 61 of the international fair held in Nurenberg in Germany.

Image source: Automarket

Toyota stopped producing of eight car models

Eight Toyota models no longer can be bought from USA customers on unlimited period of time. The decision affects the same models put under a recall due to some pedal speed problems.

Toyota suspended officially the selling of the eight models in US. The measure was taken without precedent in auto industry history in U.S.

“Our customer’s safety and restoration of a high level of trust in Toyota are extremely important elements for our company. We’re making every effort we can to thank our client as soon as possible”, said Toyota vice president, Bob Carter.

The cars which were out of production are RA V4, Corolla, Matrix, Avalon and a part of engine version of models Camry, Highlander, Tundra and Sequoia. This decision doesn’t affects Scion and Lexus and also none of the versions of Prius, Tacoma, Sienna, Venza, Solara, Yaris, 4Runner, FJ Cruiser, Land Cruiser and Camry Hybrid, all these are available for sell.

One of the most important effects of this decision is closing the production in five Toyota factories from U.S. for five weeks, starting 1 February in order not to produce too many car models that won’t be sold.

Michelle Krebs, senior analyst from Edmunds.com said: “This decision shows how serious is the safety problem. All started with some minor problem and ended with closing some factories for a long period of time, and I believe the Japanese entire credibility is under question this moment”.

There are also opinions that pro Toyota’s decision. “It was necessary a message from Toyota that they care about their clients more than of their profit. And the Japanese done it”, said Edmunds executive director, Jeremy Anwyl.

Toyota also announced that the recall started in U.S. might extend in Europe. Although, there isn’t information from Japanese, the Nip press rumored to be about two million units affected in Europe.

Image source: Automarket

Scion’s new strategy in North America

Toyota’s Scion as a brand offer its product mostly in North America and occasionally overseas, due to which future models will be produce in U.S. and not Japan as we may think.
According to Toyota’s president, Yoshi Inaba, the Scion brand will develop only in the countries were it is sells. “We all recognize the importance of Scion,” he said. “It should be more locally developed.”

Moreover, the current models of Scion’s range are xB and xD which are sold in Japan and tC sold in North America, and the future model of this brand, called iQ, will be produced by the end of 2010 especially for European customers.
Inaba added: “We will figure out what we need,” he said. “The important thing is to try and appeal to a younger segment. The role of Scion is to grow them into Toyota or Lexus vehicles.”


Image source: automobilemag.com