Paris Hilton, inspired by Kylie Minogue, tries to revive her music career

It seems that Paris just recorded a new single inspired by Kylie Minogue and also will release an album. Paris, 28, said: “I’ve always loved Kylie Minogue. She’s one of my favourite artists.

“I’ve been really inspired by her. I wanted my music to kind of emulate her. “I love her sound and I love the way she is.” She added: “I’ve finished recording my record. It’s like dance or club music. The album’s going to be out in a few months.”

Aretha Franklin will sing with Condoleezza Rice

Aretha Franklin and Rice will play together on the stage of Mann Center for the Performing Arts in Philadelphia, on July 27, at a charity concert. Funds raised will be donated for educational programs in the United States.

The press release issued by the Mann Center for the Performing Arts states that the former U.S. Secretary of State will accompany on piano Aretha Franklin, while she will perform some of her hits as “Say A Little Prayer” and “Natural Woman” but also songs included on her latest album, entitled “A Woman Falling Out of Love”.

The former head of Bush administration will also sing several passages of classical music, accompanied by the Philadelphia Orchestra.

The collaboration between the two women is unprecedented both in terms of music and politically.

Rice, a perfect pianist, played in the past with the famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma and other great classical artists, rarely approaching contemporary repertoire.

Politically, everything seems to separate the two women. Aretha Franklin, who sang at the investiture ceremony of President Barack Obama is a supporter of the Democratic Party, while Rice is a convinced republican.

“I think we can do something together, an effort to move beyond the differences, to the benefit of charitable organizations” said Aretha Franklin, referring to the original duo, seeming to deliberately parodying the diplomatic language, so popular her stage partner.

America’s Got Talent: Alice Tan Ridley

Alice,58, has an amazing voice. You have to listen and hear her great talent, which by the way, shocked judges with her vocal range when she performed on the stage in NY.

It also seems that singing for the city subway people is her job for 20 years now. Besides, she is the mother of the Oscar-nominated actress Gabourey Sidibe.

Watch the clip below and tell us what you think…


Beyonce’s “Heat” perfume hits the stores with a $3 million sale

Therefore, her new scent, Heat, has already reached $3 million in sales!

This is a great thing for a foray into the perfume biz.

The fragrance is already the number one brand at Macy’s, where it launched exclusively last month.

Moreover, during the hour the singer signed autographs at Macy’s Herald Square in N.Y.C., 72,000 bottles were sold.

“Heat” is a perfume that makes you feel as sexy as Beyonce through notes of magnolia, neroli, red vanilla and almond macaroon scent now.

Michael Jackson is part of the biggest contract in music history

Rumors say that his estate will earn $200 million guaranteed for 10 projects in the following seven years. The landmark contract extends through 2017 and could pay his estate much more.

According to other reports, it seems that one of the albums will be of never-before-released Jackson recordings that will come out in November and there is also unreleased material for 2 or 3 albums.

Rumors say that these projects may also include a video game, a DVD compilation of videos and a re-release of Off the Wall, Jackson’s fifth studio album, which debuted back in ’79.

After his death, Jackson sold 31 million albums, about two-thirds of them outside the U.S.

“During his life, Michael’s contracts set the standard for the industry,” said John Branca, the co-administrator of the Jackson estate, in a statement Tuesday.

“By all objective criteria, this agreement with Sony Music demonstrates the lasting power of Michael’s music by exceeding all previous industry benchmarks.”

The landmark contract is worth more than all other benchmarks, such as the deals Live Nation signed with Madonna at $120 million and Jay-Z for $150 million.

The most important thing is that the money will go a long way toward paying off Jackson’s considerable debts, and providing a future for his three children.

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Whitney Houston embarrassed herself during a concert

Whitney Houston embarrassed herself on stage in Brisbane, where she began to gang although she sang only two songs.

The audience left early from concert, being disappointed, while organizers tried to defend Whitney, stating that she is going through a difficult period.

The artist began his tour in Australia recently, where she dared to walk for the first time since 1988.

Shortly after she climbed on stage, Whitney was exhausted and had no breath.

She once sold over 170 million albums, but now she is a wreck, and doctors did not give more than five years to live, if not to give up drugs and alcohol.

The singer’s fame disappeared in the 90s, when she became addicted to cocaine. Recently, Whitney Houston was found unconscious, a sign that shows she’s not fully recovered in order to re-launch in music, after a break of seven years.


Lady Gaga shocks again!

Moreover, the surprise is that Lady Gaga performed this new song next to Beyonce and we can see Gaga literally with a phone stuck to the side of her head.

She’s really weird but can also admire her talent. When you’re a rumored hermaphrodite who dresses like Marie Antoinette on HGH, what’s a little phone made of hair?

Below you can see some more Lady Gaga pictures from “Telephone” …

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Mena Suvari will marry in Italian style this summer

The star of “American pie” and “American Beauty” isn’t at her first marital experience of this kind. In 2000, when she was only 21 years, she married film producer Robert Brinkman, from who she divorced six years later.

But Simone is a different story. This time, the mignon actress loves from the terms of a mature woman, anxious to dress the wedding dress again, this summer.

The wedding date has not been determined yet, the only concrete thing is that the event
will be held in the groom’s hometown, Rome. “I definitely think I met my half. It is a feeling that I can not describe in words. Indeed, many may occur during a relationship, but I love him and only that counts, “said Mena.

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Michael Jackson awarded postmortem at Grammy Awards

Some of the most famous voices will reunite on stage, at the end of this month, to perform next to Michael Jackson, revived by last generation technology, the well-known song “Earth Song”.

The event will take place on January 31, at Grammy Awards, and the chosen song should have been part of the British mega concert of Michael’s comeback.

“It was one of the most important moments of Michael’s show, and when Michael was the clip for the first time, he burst into tears”, said Ken Ehrlich, the co-producer of gala and also the star’s friend.

Therefore, Celine Dion, Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood, Smokey Robinson and Usher will perform the famous song accompanied with Michael’s voice and a 3D projection of some images that will be played in world premiere.

According to Ehrlich. Michael saw for the first time the images with only a few days before he died.

The film has an powerful message, underlining the destructive influence that humans have upon animals and nature.

Within the ceremony, the organizers will award Michael Jackson, postmortem, for his entire music activity.

Michael Jackson

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France: Carla Bruni naked on T-shirts!

For Carla Bruni, the road of nude photos towards memories was only a vain illusion.

Even if the photos bidding isn’t successful, on the other hand the photos become an inspiring source for designers.

In 2008, a company called Pardon sold bags with the image of President Sarkozy’s wife, of course, empty.

Then, the converted music model sued that firm and won compensation of €40,000. Today history repeats itself.

Steve Maltempi, 36 year-old, specialized in T-shirts custom production, has rediscovered the photo taken by Michel Comte and decided that would look good on T-shirts.

From word to deed was a small step, so that the artist has found an appropriate slogan, “The Power of Fashion” and launched creations.

“I found Carla Bruni an interesting topic . For a long period of time, she was considered a fashion icon, a superstar … Today, it’s obvious that the fashion image is associated with power”, said nonconformist Steve who explained that the rights issue deals with his lawyer. How long will it take Carla Bruni to stop the selling of the trouble T-shirts ?