Enrique Iglesias made the bet after the defeat of Spain with Switzerland

Enrique Iglesias made the bet after the defeat of Spain with Switzerland, in its first World Cup match in South Africa.

“A bet is a bet,” said Enrique when Access Hollywood asked him if he would keep his promise. But he didn’t specify when exactly he’ll do what he promised.

Enrique Iglesias bet in a BBC interview on June 23: “If Spain wins, I’ll get drunk and go water-skiing, naked, in Biscayne Bay in Miami.

So, all the ladies out there, Biscayne Bay, Miami, flight reservation. Now!

After an unconvincing start, Spain managed to become world champion in football, Sunday, after a final with Holland.

Jennifer Aniston’s Lolavie Ad Campaign Revealed

When the market is loaded with celebrity fragrances, Aniston succeeds to promote her new perfume.

Sitting on the shoals at sunset wearing nothing but a blanket, here’s Jen posing for an ad for what she has termed her “non-perfume perfume” …

“I want people to go, ‘What is that? You smell great!'” Jen told WWD of her signature scent. “But most of all I just wanted it to smell natural.”

We’re sure the fragrance will achieve that goal. On the other hand, we can’t guarantee that you will look as hot as Jennifer Aniston. You’re paying for her name. Sorry!

France: Carla Bruni naked on T-shirts!

For Carla Bruni, the road of nude photos towards memories was only a vain illusion.

Even if the photos bidding isn’t successful, on the other hand the photos become an inspiring source for designers.

In 2008, a company called Pardon sold bags with the image of President Sarkozy’s wife, of course, empty.

Then, the converted music model sued that firm and won compensation of €40,000. Today history repeats itself.

Steve Maltempi, 36 year-old, specialized in T-shirts custom production, has rediscovered the photo taken by Michel Comte and decided that would look good on T-shirts.

From word to deed was a small step, so that the artist has found an appropriate slogan, “The Power of Fashion” and launched creations.

“I found Carla Bruni an interesting topic . For a long period of time, she was considered a fashion icon, a superstar … Today, it’s obvious that the fashion image is associated with power”, said nonconformist Steve who explained that the rights issue deals with his lawyer. How long will it take Carla Bruni to stop the selling of the trouble T-shirts ?