Natalie Portman will play in “Gravity”, a role refused by Angelina Jolie

The Warner Bros. production, which will be done in 3D, according to The Hollywood Reporter, has a budget of 80 million dollars.

The film presents the drama of a woman struggling to survive on a space station and her attempt to return to Earth.

According to rumors, for this role ran Angelina Jolie, Blake Lively and Scarlett Johansson.

But director Alfonso Cuaron’s gave the role to Portman without asking her to give a video audition.

Moreover, actor Robert Downey Jr. has already signed a contract with producers for a secondary role in this feature, for which filming will begin next year.

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Are Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied a couple?

NATALIE Portman is reportedly dating one of her co-workers.
According to rumors yes they are! The two young people apparently are dating after Benjamin Millepied and Natalie were seen together at a New Year’s Eve party in New York City.

Moreover, rumors say that Natalie has been subletting Sarah Michelle Gellar’s apartment and she wanted to celebrate the New Year with a few close friends and introduce them to Ben.
Apparently, the actress and the choreographer have actually been a couple since the fall, but Natalie wanted to see how serious it was before she started to show him off to her inner circle. She really likes Benjamin.
Natalie and Ben worked together for the actress’s new ballet movie called “ Black Swan” which is set to appear this year.


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