Eike Batista, a Brazilian billionaire, wants to launch his own car brand

Eike Batista, eighth richest man in the world, according to Forbes, will open, in 2013, a factory that will produce 100,000 electric vehicles per year.

He said on Wednesday that he plans to open a factory for electric vehicles in which he’ll invest approximately one billion dollars.

That plant will produce 100,000 units per year within four years and will be conducted with support from Europe and Japan marks.

Thus, Batista will invest in foreign expertise to create his own brand of electric cars, which will debut on one of the fastest growing markets in the world.

Batista believes that electric vehicles represent an irreversible trend and he shouldn’t miss this opportunity.

Surprisingly, Eike Batista has an oil company, which will start the production in 2011. His company is called OGX and was founded in 2007.

The fuel production in 2011 would make this company a champion on the period of its establishment until the entry into production.

However, an investment of an entrepreneur on both an oil company and a factory of electric vehicles says a lot about Batista’s spirit and how he came to be world’s number eight in Forbes ranking of richest people.

The new brand’s name has not been announced yet, but we can assume that it will include an X. Eike Batista is known for his superstitions about the number 63, the sun and letter X.

All his companies have the letter X in their names since Batista believes that this letter draws money.

Different versions of the vehicle will provide a range between 80 and 120 km, and its cost will be different. Batista logistics company will handle construction of the plant and the electrical load terminals will be used to develop a network of charging in Brazil.

image source: globo.com