David and Victoria Beckham are sexy in their advert for new fragrance

David and Victoria Beckham made a fortune of over £110 million through “Brand Beckham”, and have completed countless ventures together including various adverts such as campaigns for Emporio Armani underwear and their fragrances, Intimately Beckham.


Speaking of “Intimately Beckham”, nothing can compare to the couple’s new advert. Their new fragrance, “Intimately Beckham Yours” is “designed to capture the essence of David and Victoria Beckham’s passion and the power of their relationship.”

In their sexiest advertising yet, the two are caught in the elevator and take full advantage of being alone.

Paris Hilton “teases” with a new fragrance (PHOTOS)

As expected when you think about Paris Hilton, she created a big confusion at the launch event.

Paris Hilton is the heiress of the Hilton empire and nothing more – considering that her only merit is that she was born in the Hilton family. Regardless, she appeared on the red carpet, dressed and makeup like Marilyn Monroe. Journalists didn’t knew what name to use when calling her.

“Tease” is her tenth fragrance and its flavor should reflect the fact that Paris Hilton began to mature (in fact, she said it’s her role, to pose as a dumb blonde). Actually, we’re not buying the “pose” thing …

“I love Marilyn Monroe,” said Paris. “She’s always been one of my fashion icons. Doing my tenth fragrance I just thought, she’s a 10, and I have to do something to honor Marilyn.”

Her hair, the red lipstick, her sparkling jewels, fur coat and white dress that Paris tried to combine like a true “diva” remember the pin-up style.

As a true chameleon, at the event, Paris showed her prominent decolletage. We really don’t know how come sometimes she has big boobs, sometimes she doesn’t … She’s a true Hilton, right?

Jennifer Aniston talks about artificial insemination with Jay Leno

Jennifer plays the role of a single woman called Kassie who decides to use artificial insemination in order to get pregnant. The movie is called The Switch and will be release on 20 August.

The actress went on Jay Leno show, The Tonight Show, in which she talked about the plot of the movie and revealed that she wants a baby through the traditional way: “I’d wanna know the guy!” We all know Jay Leno’s comic spirit which embarrassed the actress by asking her how a sperm bank works. “Well, you go to the bank and you have a card… I honestly don’t know exactly,” she said.

Jen also promoted her new fragrance.