The electric model Nissan Leaf will develop artificial sounds

Nissan has developed a set of sounds which Leaf will produce during its operation. The sounds produced by Nissan Leaf will be produced on a frequency range from 600 Hz to 2500 Hz. Depending on the speed of running or the state in which the car is (acceleration or deceleration), the sounds produced by Leaf will vary from a high to a low frequency.

When the machine is started, the sounds will be higher for pedestrians to notice this. While walking back the system will generate sounds intermittently, and with speeds exceeding 30 km/h the system will generate a high frequency sound. The system is controlled through a computer and a synthesizer located on the center console and the sound will be produced by a speaker located in the engine compartment.

By switching a button, the driver can temporarily close the Leaf’s sound system. When rebooting the machine, the sounds will make their presence felt immediately.

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