Porsche sues Nissan due to an advertisement in England

The aggressive advertising style, promoted especially by German brands in the United States are not operating under the same parameters in Europe. Once Nissan has kicked off an aggressive campaign against German manufacturers in Britain, Porsche rises and threatens the Japanese before the court because the banner ad for the Nissan in London and at the Festival of Speed at Goodwood include Porsche logo without their consent.

Nissan campaign is based on a “list” of victories that Nissan had at Nurburgring with BMW, Audi and Porsche. The list of the defeated models is not displayed, but their number is noted on the door of their sports model, 370Z and GT-R. Curiously, Porsche didn’t attacked the “list” created by informal duels, but the use without rights on those banners, gathered in the campaign named “How to beat the Germans.”

“The problem is that they used Porsche logo without rights. The logo is owned by Porsche and we are not give the right to use to any company without our permission”, say Porsche officials, who confirms that they have no problem with the campaign’s subject. “I have examined in detail what Nissan communicate, but we don’t have a problem with it,” says Andrea Baker, Director of Porsche UK PR office.

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The electric model Nissan Leaf will develop artificial sounds

Nissan has developed a set of sounds which Leaf will produce during its operation. The sounds produced by Nissan Leaf will be produced on a frequency range from 600 Hz to 2500 Hz. Depending on the speed of running or the state in which the car is (acceleration or deceleration), the sounds produced by Leaf will vary from a high to a low frequency.

When the machine is started, the sounds will be higher for pedestrians to notice this. While walking back the system will generate sounds intermittently, and with speeds exceeding 30 km/h the system will generate a high frequency sound. The system is controlled through a computer and a synthesizer located on the center console and the sound will be produced by a speaker located in the engine compartment.

By switching a button, the driver can temporarily close the Leaf’s sound system. When rebooting the machine, the sounds will make their presence felt immediately.

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The successor of Nissan 370Z might be a hybrid

The development process of the sport model, already started by the Japanese engineers, will be continued in subsequent years of intensive testing session, in order to adjust the drive train of the most harsh weather conditions and running.

The birth of a hybrid version will help the people at Nissan to cut the average emissions and offer an eco alternative to those who love the Japanese performance.
Rumors say that there will be an extreme diesel version of the sport coupe.

Therefore, Nissan could have multiple propulsion solutions: the fresh V6 adopted by Infiniti also, or a transplant from the Mercedes yard.

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Nissan might collaborate with Mercedes

The Japanese would benefit of more powerful engines of the Germans and the Mercedes electric technology and the lithium-ion batteries of the Japanese.

Japanese press rumors these days about a possible collaboration between Nissan and Daimler.

It appears that the partnership will help both sides to develop in the future, but on different sectors.

Specifically, Nissan needs larger engines, which Mercedes can offer, thanks to the work of the AMG performance division.

Mercedes is interested in electrical technology that Nissan has and the lithium-ion batteries used to power the series model Leaf.

Daimler is in advanced talks with Nissan’s alliance partner as Renault, which means that Germans could sign a contract with the entire conglomerate headed by Carlos Ghosn.

The Nissan spokesman declined on commenting on rumors published in the press, but experts expect that Ghosn to come out with statements regarding the progress of negotiations in the coming weeks.

Auto producers made donations for Haiti victims

Big auto manufacturers unite forces to aid Haiti’s earthquake victims. Toyota, Honda, Chrysler or Hyundai donated depending on their financial status.

Honda’s American division donated $300.00 and contributed with equipment for making the situation easier. Meanwhile, Toyota has proven to be the most generous of all auto producers and donated $500.000 to Red Cross, Save the Children and Doctors without borders, organizations which helped Haitians affected by the quake.

Next to Toyota and Honda there were other auto brands that offer their help. Hyundai donated $100.00 to Red Cross International Committee, while Nissan donated for this cause $50.000 on behalf of their staff and other $30.000 on behalf of North-American divisions and also Canadian and promised another $100.000 when situation will stabilized and the reconstructions works will begin.

Another amazing gesture was made by Chrysler executive president who has bid his own car during last Golden Globe edition. The car, a Chrysler 300C, was signed by over 300 celebrities participating on the event and will be sold for a price of €1million in an auction. The money will follow to be given to American Red Cross.

General Motors donated $100.00 and also made available a mini-site where employees can donate any amount of money.

Finally, the list was ended by Eaton, which donated $100.000 to American Red Cross.


Image source: pages.drexel.edu

Nissan’s Infiniti QX56 launched at 2010 New York Auto Show

It seems that we will be able to see at the 2010 New York Auto Show Infiniti’s next generation of QX 56.
After moving production from Canton, Mississippi to Japan, Nissan announced they will produce this year the QX56.

Even so, Nissan’s factory from Canton will not close its gates but it will produce Nissan’s future NV- series work cars.
Nevertheless, even if Nissan wasn’t present at the latest auto shows in U.S., the manufacturer said that N.Y. auto show is very important and it offers a strong designated market area.

Nissan launched at N.Y. previous auto shows the Altima and Maxima Sedan.


Image source: automobilemag.com

Nissan will launch a small SUV called Juke

According to latest rumors, Nissan will launch a new model of small SUV in 2010 at the Geneva motor show and it’s name will be Juke. It seems that Juke will retain the same flared fenders, upright C-pillars, and unusual front fascia as the show car.
The Nissan staff say that Juke will be the kind of car that caters to a demographic niche “whose needs are not met”: “We know there are a lot of customers looking for a car which combines striking design, agile handling, and driver pleasure. These unique attributes will allow Juke to occupy a unique corner of the European market.”

Moreover, rumors say that Nissan does not offer technical specifications but it seems that the crossover will be manufactured in Sunderland, England.
Consequently, Nissan’s new SUV, Juke, is set on production in October 2010.


Image source: automobilemag.com

New Price Tag for 2010 Nissan 40th Anniversary 370Z

Are you a fan of Nissan Z? You may consider becoming one, after you take a look at the 2010 370Z 40th Anniversary Edition. The price tag for this limited-production model starts with $39,380, including a $720 destination charge.The 40th Anniversary Z adds a few exclusivities to help attract collectors. The 370Z Touring with Sport package is the base for this model but you will also get a special “40th Quartz” paint color, with red stitching on thesteering wheel, shift boot, floor mats and a red leather interior. The model also receive some unique car cover, dash plaque and 19-inch Rays aluminum wheels.Nissan plans on building only 1000 examples of the 40th Anniversary Z with certificates of authenticity, powered by a 3.7-liter V-6 and a six-speed manual transmission.You should find the new model some time in Spring of 2010.


Image source: automobilemag.com