Motorola ally with Verizon to win Apple

There were rumors saying that the Finnish manufacturer, Nokia, is planning to launch a tablet this year.

Motorola’s new product will also enable users to watch TV, according to Financial Times.

The new Tablet PC will have a 10-inch screen, will use the Google Android operating system and users could access programs like Adobe Flash.

Thanks to the TV broadcast application, Verizon customers could use FiOS service.

The new product will be thinner and lighter than iPad, sources say, quoted by Financial Times. Sources haven’t disclosed however, information about Motorola’s new Tablet PC’s name.

Although both Verizon and Motorola’s officials haven’t made any comments yet, in the past, Motorola discussed for several times the possibility of launching a new product to compete iPad.

Will Nokia launch a tablet this year?

According to some component manufacturers, including even Foxconn, Nokia is preparing to launch a tablet with a screen of 7 or 9 inch. 

Rumors say that there were already finalized about 100 samplers to be tested. The Nokia tablet will be based on an ARM processor.  The operating system will be Windows 7 or MeeGo (based on Linux).

Other information referring to Nokia tablet does not exist at this time. We will see if the tablet will be launch later this year.

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Nokia presents The Nokia Bicycle Charger

The actually charging begins when the speed hits 6 km/h. 

On average, 10 minutes by bicycle with a speed of 10 km per hour phone provides enough energy for 28 minutes of talk or 37 hours standby.

The phone’s upload speed is directly proportional to the speed on walking on bicycle.

The Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit will cost about $18 and it will be available in stores this year.

Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit:

-Dynamo: 40.5 x 94.5 mm
-Charger: 70 x 34 x 21 mm
-Phone holder: 142 x 22 x 24 mm
-Connecting cables: 500 mm + 375 mm (from charger to dynamo), 350 mm (from charger to phone)


-Dynamo (with mountings): 250 g
-Dynamo (excluding brackets): 190 g
-Charger: 36 g
-Phone holder: 11.5 g

Here is the list of compatible phones with this charger.

Image source: Nokia

Nokia and Yahoo working on Project Nike

The partnership between Nokia and Yahoo is named “Project Nike” (named after the Greek goddess of victory and not by sports shoe manufacturer) and has been planned since a few years ago, but without success.

Yahoo considered that this is the time for a revolutionary movement. Also, Nokia does not sit too well at the chapter successful innovations, especially because in the last period the attention was on Apple with its iPhone or iPad. Therefore, this initiative is currently the only way Yahoo and Nokia can compete on the mobile market.

Nokia sues Apple. Again

This time, the reason of fighting is the recently launched iPad by Apple. As in the first trial, Nokia claims that Apple uses a series of patented technology by Nokia without paying for them.

Rumors say that Apple will bring equality on the number of legal actions.

Are Nokia and Intel working at a new iPad rival?

Rumors say that Nokia could be one of the producers that will compete with Apple touch tablet segment.

Nokia isn’t at the first attempt of this kind. They released a tablet with Maemo operating system since 2005.

Moreover, Google is also working secretly on a tablet. Chrome OS and Android are two possible operating systems that Google could adapt to a tablet.

Intel and Nokia will develop their own operating system mobile devices

The main goal of this alliance is to develop a platform, MeeGo based on Linux and for mobile devices.

MeeGo will have a wide range of hardware platforms that it will be compatible: netbooks, tablet PCs, smart phones, type systems connected TV and in-vehicle infotainment.

It is estimated that the first devices that will use Meego will be created by Nokia and will be launched by the end of this year.

The announcement, made at this week, has a clear purpose: to complement and strengthen the agreement between Nokia and Intel, which provided a strategic partnership, established in June 2009.

Also, the new software platform will be a competitor in the fight for supremacy on the software platforms for mobile devices.

In this range we can find on the market competitors as Microsoft Windows Mobile, Google Android, iPhone OS, RIM BlackBerry OS, Symbian OS or bada (Samsung).

MeeGo will combine the best features of Maemo and Moblin in order to create an open platform for many processor architectures.

Also, the two companies announced that the software platform will provide a broad range of experiences of Internet, computing, multitasking, multimedia and communications with rich visual graphics.

The MeeGo software platform will be hosted by the Linux Foundation as a completely open source project, encouraging the community to participate in its development.

Intel and Nokia have made steps in terms of increasing the community by launching invitations to users on and to join common community.

The channel selected for promotion Meego is the Ovi Store (Nokia) and the Nokia Forum will provide support for developers on all devices with the Nokia platform.

LG is rumored that it might skip Mobile World Congress 2010

For now Mobile World Congress 2010 seems to be a vacuous event and the risk of this actually happening is increasing with the growing number of manufacturers opting out. Recently we found out that Nokia won’t exhibit in Barcelona this February and intends to focus on promoting its infrastructure business through Nokia Siemens Networks.

Recent rumors that has just surfaced on the web has it that LG is about to follow suit and will not be showing anything at MWC 2010 either. People from LG International, say that one of the major reasons behind the manufacturer’s decision is the high cost of a pavilion at the fair. The Dutch division of LG Mobile has confirmed the information and went on to clarify the company would actually be in Barcelona, although not as an exhibitor at MWC 2010 and several new products would be showcased in a separate pavilion.

Nevertheless we believe that Nokia takes similar approach and we get to see, one way or another, their new handsets in February and also that the MWC 2010 won’t be less exciting.


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