Emmy 2010 Nominees – Vote here!

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2010 MTV Video Music Awards nominees reactions on Twitter

@leamichele Just heard the first ‘New Directions’ song for season 2…CHILLS!!! Amazing.
-Lea Michele, Actress (“Glee”)

@adammshankman So, It was announced! I’m directing an episode of glee! I’ll tweet from set!
-Adam Shankman, Director, Reality Judge (“Hairspray,” “So You Think You Can Dance”)

@realjoeyfatone Thanks to Benjamin Button technology I will be portraying Justin Bieber in his bio pic.
-Nick Zano, Actor (“Melrose Place,” “What I Like About You”)

@ericstonestreet If my pocket had twitter, it would probably tweet, “pdfgdhetevfppvdgsgdbvdgpppbcqadajfky.”
-Eric Stonestreet, Actor (“Modern Family”)

@kanyewest I don’t understand why they have a do not disturb button on the plane if they keep waking you asking if you want juice.
-Kanye West, Rapper

@daxshepard1 Time travel is possible. If you ride a bicycle you are immediately transported back to 8 years-old.
-Dax Shepard, Actor (“Parenthood,” Baby Mama”)

@emmyrossum @KatGraham miss you. last time I saw you we were eating cotton candy by a ferris wheel!!! Weeee!
-Emmy Rossum, Actress (“Shameless,” “The Phantom of the Opera”)

@katgraham Looking at my gorgeous friend @emmyrossum in the new People mag! http://tweetphoto.com/36613892
-Kat Graham, Actress (“The Vampire Diaries”)

@mintzplasse You are all way too kind. So excited you are all buying and renting Kick-Ass!
-Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Actor (“Kick-Ass,” “Superbad”)

@keeganallen PRETTY LITTLE LIARS wants you. Tonight. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
-Keegan Allen, Actor (“Pretty Little Liars”)