Paris Motor Show 2010: Premiers

Paris Motor Show is fast approaching and the car manufacturers put on the starting line the most exciting new models or concepts. This year, Paris Motor Show will take place from 2-17 octombre and manufacturers’ stands will be arranged in Porte de Versailles. Given that they play at home, French car manufacturers will come with the most spectacular premiers.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin stand will be full of news. The British builder most likely will come to Paris with its DB9 model. The British supercar received a very delicate facelift, not long ago.


In Audi’s stand, the audience at the Paris Motor Show will be able to admire the new A7. This Coupe sedan will become the first rival for Mercedes CLS.


BMW will come to Paris together with its new X3 generation. After six years since its launch, the Bavarian compact SUV has a new design, much more attractive. Also, in their stand is likely to get acquainted with the long-awaited Megacity concept.


The Bugatti will come to Paris Motor Show with their new Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. The new version of the Veyron was able to enter the Guinness Book, reaching speeds of 431 km/h. This car is equipped with a 1,200 horsepower engine and 1500 Nm.


Like they did at Geneva Motor Show, this year, Chevrolet will also present the Aveo RS concept at Paris Motor Show.


Citroen’s stand will certainly be one of the most admired. French will present to the public its new generation of C4, but only the version with five doors. Also, the French manufacturer will make us aware of their DS4.


Ford officials will bring with them the new Mondeo facelift. The retouched version of the Mondeo offers customers a range of technological elements that were missing on the present model.

Land Rover

In the Land Rover stand, the audience at the Porte de Versailles will be able to admire the new Range Rover Evoque. The new British model is the smallest, lightest and most environmental Land Rover car created so far, and will be launched on the market with the anniversary of 40 years of the company.


Lotus will be among the stars of the Parisian Motor Show, their stand will host the Esprit supercar concept. Besides that it is possible to see a GT roadster and two concepts.


Mercedes will present in Paris the new CL facelift and also the new CLS. The new CL-Class comes with a front look more aggressive and with a new propellant. Twin-turbo V8 unit produces 429 hp and develops a torque of 699 Nm.


The British manufacturer’s stand will host the new Mini facelift. The first information and pictures were presented in June, but its changes are minor, both externally and internally.


The tenth generation of the Opel Astra has received a release for a family, and the Paris Motor Show is the perfect place to display it. For the first time, Astra’s station wagon version drop its Caravan denominations for the name Sports Tourer.


Another car manufacturer who will play at home is Peugeot. French will showcase the new 508, mid-size sedan that will replace the old 407. French brand fans will get a surprise and officials are wishing to present the long awaited Peugeot 308 GTI.


Renault’s stand will be at high agitation because the French will present DeZir concept, an electric prototype that has a fascinating design and a 150 horsepower propeller with a range of 160 kilometers. Also, the French will come accompanied by the electric version of Fluence.


The Smart will be present at the Paris Motor Show with a restyled version of its Fortwo. The actual Smart Fortwo will leave the current car market until 2013, when it will be replaced by the new generation developed in collaboration with Renault and this facelift aims freshening this generation.


Suzuki from Japan will be accompanied at the Porte de Versailles, by the new generation of urban model Swift. The third generation of the Swift comes with a design slightly retouched with new, somewhat larger sized engines.


If Geneva was introduced to the Volvo S60, Paris will see the V60. The wagon version of its S60 received the title of Sports Wagon to emphasize the sport allure.

Image source: Automarket

The concept of future Opel is the new Opel Flextreme GT/E

Brand/Model/Version Opel Flextreme GT/E
Length (mm) 4762
Width (mm) 1871
Height (mm) 1308
Wheelbase (mm) 2900
Maximum power  (CP/rpm) 158
Maximum torque  (Nm/rpm) 370
Speed (Km/h) 201
1-100Km (s)
Fuel consumption
(litres/100 km)

Opel presented the first images of the concept before the debut from the Geneva Motor Show.

The model will use electric propulsion train of Volt and Ampere models and is described by the Opel staff as “a new type of GT”.

The concept prefigures both future Opel top model and the progress of the design language that has been expressed recently by Insignia and Astra models.

Also, the new concept shows the aerodynamic potential of some future models.

Flextreme has a very elegant line of the ceiling, which is willing to over 19 inches below the level of the same lines of the Insignia’s body, which helps drag a coefficient of 0.22.

The air resistance is significantly reduced through the “blades” located on both sides of the rear taillights, which are automatically driven at speed to keep air being attached to a body for a longer period of time, while it offers designers a additional visual flexibility in terms of posterior vehicle.

Although it is seven inches shorter than an Insignia, the Flextreme GT / E is an exterior design study that offers the same level of interior space and an Insignia.

This is achieved through the increased wheelbase to 2900 mm as 2735 mm over the Insignia. The batteries are placed in front of the rear wheel to get extra stability and a mass balance between decks.

Propulsion of the Opel Flextreme GT / E is realized by the electric engine of 158 hp and found also on the Ampera, which offers 366 Nm of torque from the first rotation.

The engine engages the front wheels, which have 21-inch wheels wrapped with 195/45 tires, all in an attempt to streamline this model.

For battery charging, Opel Flextreme uses an internal combustion engine of 1.4 liters and 70 hp, which increases the autonomy of this model at about 482 km, compared to 56 kilometers which can be realized on a full charge.

On the other hand, acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is accomplished in about nine seconds, and top speed is 201 km / h.

Although the Opel staff said that the model is far from the production stage, they points out that the Flextreme has an important purpose in the development of future models of the manufacturer in Rüsselsheim.

Opel affected by financial crisis

It seems that the new CEO of Opel is now Nick Reilly, which also was the president of GM Europe. The former Opel CEO, Hans Demant, is now vice president of global intellectual property for General Motors.
Other changes were made in Opel’s staff : Rita Forst is now the European vice president of engineering for GM and Mark James, CFO at GM Daewoo, is now CFO at Opel.

“Together with this highly capable and experienced team as well as our various country leaders, we will very quickly take the next steps in moving Opel and Vauxhall forward,” said Reilly

The mos important announce made by Opel’s board members was that in the near future they will initiate a severe restructuring plan at GM’s European division. The appointment of Reilly comes as no surprise as GM’s struggling German automaker tries to get its feet planted. Moreover, while reorganization, rumors say approximately 8000 Opel workers may be displaced. Consequently, Opel needs about $4 billion in German state aid, so that they can have profitability.


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GM are order to pay the severance negotiations for Opel

Sberbank sustain that GM must pay o sum which covers the costs which the financial institution make in the negotiation for Opel period.

The GM staff are restless after the negotiation with the German state and the ex potentials buyers of Opel, an Austrian-Russian-Canadian consortium run by Magna, were ended suddenly and with no explication by the American company. Although GM decided to keep Opel and also decided to end negotiations with Magna on last minute, the discussions between the parts are still open, the problems coming from the OAO Sberbank, the financial institution which must stay behind the Magna offer.

The OAO Sberbank director said in an interview to Russian television that GM should pay some compensation because they ended the negations in an advanced moment unilaterally. “ We believe that GM involving went very far so that the Americans should end the affair” , said German Gref.

Rumor say the Russian bank already expects from GM the voluntary payment of the amount which they owes. Also if GM doesn’t pay they will be sued by Sberbank.

Vladimir Putin also said that immediately after GM announced that won’t sell Opel, the Americans proved an arrogant attitude when they stopped unilaterally the negotiations.


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